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The Bundy Ranch, OathKeepers, and the Koch Brothers...the 1%'s revolution?

"Power is getting other people to do what you want." 

Edit 4.19.2014: Obama's solar projects includes Gold Butte for tortoise habitat, but the tortoise is being euthanized, presumedly clearing the way for mining the precious metals a government survey noted as being highly likely in that and nearby locations, plus the land-grab and big business of solar:

Edit 4.14.2014: It turns out that some powerful organization is removing BLM pages from Google cache (!) which...well, see for yourself and download for yourself. The Kochs are definitely involved in this but they are not the core. Keep digging, the criminal will be exposed! And there -are- potentially valuable minerals in the area, see report posted at the end of this article.

Edit 4.16.2014: The author of the below video, Storm Clouds Gathering, has removed it due to what he calls a factual error and will produce a new one shortly. Suffice to say, he showed the archive engine containing the deleted BLM document found below, debunked as I have the Reid/China connection, etc.

Edit 4.21.2014: 

Superb researchers replacement video for the above, detailing some interesting bits about Senator Reid which are well worth keeping in mind:

Bunch BLM Cattle Tresspass Impacts 1

BLM Notheast Clark County Cattle Tresspass


Original article: 

I was as outraged as anyone upon hearing the BLM and government's intent, but all of that changed when I saw the Koch's name. The Kochs are using the Bundy Ranch situation to organize and mobilize a personal militia.

We've all seen how the Koch brothers' PACs "citizens united" and the "tea party" [1] have installed Koch-friendly legislation and de-regulation in state and Federal government. Republicans unfriendly to "tea party" politics are threatened with "tea party" competition in the next election if they don't toe the line. With the McCutcheon ruling added to the Koch's "citizens united", there is now unlimited corporate spending possible in elections, eliminating "one person, one vote" and shifting speech into money...whomever has the money, gets to speak in media, and through flooding tactics, you will remember their politicians come election time.

And who doubt the Koch's true agenda should immediately familiarize themselves with this:

What Do the Koch Brothers Want?

"David Koch ran as the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential candidate in 1980.

The agenda of the Koch brothers is to repeal every major piece of legislation that has been signed into law over the past 80 years that has protected the middle class, the elderly, the children, the sick, and the most vulnerable in this country.

It is clear that the Koch brothers and other right wing billionaires are calling the shots and are pulling the strings of the Republican Party. 

And because of the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, they now have the power to spend an unlimited amount of money to buy the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the next President of the United States."

What if they're more ambitious than that? What if they'd actually work to topple the Federal government? Such a thing would not affect them negatively financially; it would open the way for the installation of a Koch- and 1%-friendly government, a fascist take-over. Note that Goldman Sachs have nearly done this to the majority of Europe, having, after the forced "austerity" of their purposeful smash-and-grabs, installed executives in major banks and lending boards as well as momentarily in Greece and Italy, installing their executives as Prime Ministers. Of course, Greece then went over to the neo-nazi "Golden Dawn" party. Note that Ted Cruz, architect of the most recent US government "shutdown", is married to a Goldman Sachs VP. Note the "end game memo" describing banks' orchestrated elimination of regulation in the EU and what followed. [2]

Instability and take-overs resulting in corporate-friendly government. Something they'd like. The Kochs are already working hard to own and thus stifle media as well as installing politicians in governorship in Florida, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Note Detroit having been forced into "emergency manager" status, pensions destroyed, unions busted, infrastructure sold to the highest bidder. Disaster Capitalism, "Confessions of an Economic Hitman", smash-and-grabs. And the Kochs are storing highly toxic bitumen, tar sands waste, in the open along the Detroit river-front. The world is their toilet.

So how would you create such causes and conditions in America? You've learned much in Europe so apply the same tools. And if you want unrest even greater than "tea party" rallies and marches, you'll need to stir revolutionary sentiment, stir unrest, convey the notion of a horribly unfair government requiring significant modification or complete removal.

They want the land as well, to exploit it:

The Nevada Standoff Has Nothing To Do With "Tyranny," "Sovereignty," "Freedom," or Cows.

Stirring discontent

The Bundy Ranch as of this writing is under a "no fly" zone and electronic communications have been cut off and jammed, never a good sign. A rancher who has defied the Federal government and multiple court orders is now under direct attack by armed land management agents (!) But what is the back story?

"Feds Turn From Landlords To Warlords": Koch Groups Back Rancher Making Violent Threats Against Federal Gov't

"Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the conservative non-profit group, was founded by and has been largely funded by billionaires Charles and David Koch. The Center for Media and Democracy reported that in its previous incarnation as Citizens for a Sound Economy, AFP received $12 million of its $18 million in funding from the Koch Family Foundation.

AFP Nevada also promoted as a 'must read' a blog post from conservative pundit Dana Loesch where she described the standoff as 'harassment' from the federal government. The group also accused the BLM of 'strategically regulating hard-working Americans out of business.'"

The Koch brothers are definitely the single unifying thread through all of this. They want to interfere with land interests:

State Efforts To ‘Reclaim’ Our Public Lands Traced To Koch-Fueled ALEC

Mobilizing armed resistance and the Koch connection

So the Kochs' PACs are using this to rally Americans against an evil, oppressive government, exactly as does the "tea party" PAC and other Koch entities. This alone would not be so alarming excepting the estimated hundreds plus of militia descending upon the area.

"'We need to be the barrier between the oppressed and the tyrants,' Ryan Payne of the West Mountain Rangers told the Review-Journal. 'Expect to see a band of soldiers.'” [3]

"Oath Keepers is calling for Boots On The Ground. Because this is a federal incursion we are calling for volunteers from all over America. Anyone who can, please get to Nevada ASAP." [4]

The problem is that Oath Keepers are aligned with the "tea party", which of course is the Koch brothers. [1]

"I want to thank the Tea Party Organizers for inviting me to speak to you on behalf of Oath Keepers. It’s a humbling honor to be a part of such a great and laudable gathering of Americans taking on this grand intellectual revolution." [5]

Note that the Koch brothers founded the PAC "Americans for Prosperity". In the video at the end of this page, the first thing you'll hear is David Koch state that he and his brother funded AFP. Now note that AFP organizes the "tea party".

(CNN) -- "Tens of thousands of people spent part of April 15 at organized 'tea party' demonstrations across the country, protesting what some view as excessive government spending and bailouts.

CNN's Rick Sanchez spoke Wednesday afternoon to one of the organizers of the 'tea party' protests, Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity. The organization's Web site identifies him as "a veteran political strategist and one of the nation's premier grassroots organizers with nearly two decades of experience, including presidential, gubernatorial and congressional races, as well as state legislative, local and issue-advocacy campaigns." [6] (Bold emphasis mine.)

In the Oath Keepers speech snippet above, they thank "tea party organizers". The Koch's AFP are "tea party" organizers.

Koch brothers > Americans for Prosperity > "tea party".
Koch brothers > Americans for Prosperity > Bundy Ranch / Oath Keepers.

Oath Keepers also seem to be showing up where John Birch Society members "oath keepers john birch society" for more. Suffice to say, on one visit to the Oath Keeper's website, I noted a link to the JBS website (as well as to The Eagle Forum, another extreme-right organization). Note that a Koch was a founding member of the JBS.

"Oath Keepers and The John Birch Society hosted a meeting in Southington, CT Saturday Nov 17, 2012 for the purpose of organizing opposition to Agenda 21 in Connecticut."... (

John Birch Society Celebrates Koch Family For Their Role In Founding The Hate Group

"Founded last April (2010) by Yale-educated lawyer and ex-Ron Paul aide Stewart Rhodes, the group has established itself as a hub in the sprawling anti-Obama movement that includes Tea Partiers, Birthers, and 912ers. Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, and Pat Buchanan have all sung its praises, and in December, a grassroots summit it helped organize drew such prominent guests as representatives Phil Gingrey and Paul Broun, both Georgia Republicans." 

Now ex-military and ex-police heading to the Ranch in its defense, and calls for all militia to join. Join the Koch brothers, that is. If the Feds total the ranch, if they harm any militia or act overbearingly (duh), it will unify militia and the Kochs will have a private army as willing as "tea party" dupes. They'll see an enemy and calls to stop the enemy, not considering that those calling out "enemies" are the Kochs and the 1%.

Edit, 4.17.2015:

Ted Cruz’s frightening gun fanaticism: When a presidential contender encourages armed insurrection

Ted Cruz is both "tea party" and is married to a Goldman Sachs VP.


This brings to mind an interesting quote from a 1%er of yesteryear:

"I can hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half." [7] 

as well as the Business Plot:

Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler claimed that wealthy businessmen were plotting to create a fascist veterans' organization and use it in a coup d'état to overthrow (the) President of the United States..." [8]

As well as the fact that the Kochs have been funding protest and resistance in other countries:

In 2008, the US-based Cato Institute awarded the US$500,000 Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty to student leader Yon Goicoechea for his role in mobilising protests against the suspension of private broadcaster RCTV’s licence." [9]

I for one am not at all comfortable with the notion of heavily-armed citizens, many of them ex-military, doing the Koch's bidding, all the time imagining that they are helping America. Note how many are eager to help AFP and extrapolate this with militias:

Why would the Kochs use the Bundy Ranch situation to deflect the nearby Solar Energy Zone project? 

Conservative heavyweights have solar industry in their sights

"The Koch brothers and large utilities have allied to reverse state policies that favor renewable energy."

At minimum, using "afp" to stir shit and call out the militia puts a cork in the BLM plans for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone. At the very minimum, this is for them, business as usual.


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Edward Crane and Charles G. Koch
Founders: Edward Crane and Charles G. Koch
Founders: Edward Crane and Charles G. Koch
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Billionaire Koch Brothers’ AFP Endorses ‘Patriot’ Militia Movement At Bundy Ranch - See more at:
Billionaire Koch Brothers’ AFP Endorses ‘Patriot’ Militia Movement At Bundy Ranch - See more at:

Billionaire Koch Brothers' AFP Endorses "Patriot" Militia Movement At Bundy Ranch

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The Harry Reid solar land-grab claims fall flat. It was to be in Laughlin, far south of the Ranch, and the Chinese pulled out of the deal last year. Ugly, but not involving the Ranch. 

If cattle are loose to graze in a 1,000 mile area, this definitely includes the BLM solar development, 40 miles away: Note that the solar plant is also to help the Moapa First Nation:

-2006 survey: "Gold Butte...contains areas with high potential for the occurrence of nickel-copper-platinum" "Bunkerville district could reveal a significant resource of nickel, copper, gold..."
-2009 note stating that Gold Butte has a 20-year ban on mining to save the endangered tortoise, etc.
-2013: Federal funds run out; orders to euthanize the endangered tortoise population:

One story claiming Obama is doing a land grab links to a "memo" which states that certain areas, including a park in Nevada half-way up the state north of the Ranch, are candidates for National Monument status, which would protect them from mining, fracking, and other exploitations. Disinformation. Second article on the subject.

Another text version a few of PM Beers video interviews on the ground at ‪#‎BundyRanch‬ on Saturday, April 12, 2014. Worth a read!! We've condensed a 40 minute livestream into a 5 minute article. If you Occupied, you should check out the concerns of the people on the ground at Bundy Ranch:


Thanks to Joel Greenfield for some of these articles, especially regarding the Kochs backing Bundy!