Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shameful media/police collusion on Anaheim PD's attacks upon citizens!

PD phone number: (714) 765-1900 and address: 425 South Harbor Blvd Anaheim,CA 92805  

"Officers used non-lethal rounds and pepper balls to control the crowd, Dunn said. A police dog also got free from an officer's car and charged at several people before it was pulled back, he added."

This is what KTLA say occurred (FAIR USE ACT NOTICE; precludes all other agreements)

This is a citizen's video:

Police are said to have gone door-to-door asking to purchase all recordings of their attacks. Please note the LA Times article says absolutely nothing about the fact that the citizens shot up and bitten in the above video were at a =weekly= protest against Anaheim PD violence. A regular event. And that they were sitting on the lawn! LA Times goes directly to burning dumpsters without connecting the dots that perhaps citizens were mad not only about the murder of one of their own, but that they had been earlier in the day shot up and bitten for protesting it! People must be wondering why they would bring a K9 unit to what is obviously from the video a weekly, sit-down event (not that I for a minute believe the dog simply got loose on its own)...they brought it there for the same reason they brought, and freely used, "less-lethal" weaponry...upon peaceful citizens.
"If they would use those RBs on the guy they killed for running away none of this be happening right now." -Annie Lindstrom
"Non-lethal force has replaced actually speaking to people. People are things now." -Guy Gondron on the Anaheim PD Police Riot
"Anaheim cops, mainstream media call community with baby strollers and children in their front lawns a 'riot'"
-Michael Prysner

"For those trying to parse the #MSM spin of #Anaheim, 'Officer Involved Shooting' means a cop guns down someone."
-Occupy Wall Street
Anaheim PD Officers placed on paid leave after shooting unarmed man in Anaheim.