Saturday, November 19, 2011

Widening gaps and solidifying will

The brutality and tactics used against #Occupy blow up in the faces of those seeking to harm it, and call forth new activists. Working professionals such as teachers, police, reporters, and more are beginning to very scathingly talk out against the ugliness. Watch for this to increase as the gap between the 1% and the 99% widens and widens. The ark is filling, it is setting sail. It is US.

The #Occupiers are savvy and realize that a day of pepper-spray discomfort is nothing compared to creating a world without those who pepper-spray. It is a minor nuisance. They are saying NO! and it is beautiful.

What the #Occupy police brutality is about

Comment to the above link, was going to be a comment but alternet wants too much personal this is written as a comment:

The 1% have sent the police to attack in classic shock and awe fashion, to bully and overwhelm, to remind us who is boss and what they can do to us. None of this is by mistake, it is purposefully intended to send people screaming in the other direction. To stay home, to believe that protesting -any- amount of injustice is too risky. This is of course when we MUST continue to show up, to say NO!

In Oakland, two news live feeds where shut off moments before police attacked. NYPD have repeatedly attempted to keep media out of the area:!/NBCNewYork/status/137291910460096512. You can't be outraged by what you cannot see. The city of oakland LIED about the night Scott Olsen was purposely injured:

"Q. Did the Police deploy rubber bullets, flash-bag grenades?
A. No, the loud noises that were heard originated from M-80 explosives thrown at
Police by protesters."

Three lies. And those lies are only about the first of the four attacks upon #OccupyOakland.

There is also Scott Campbell, who was shot with a beanbag round as he filmed, for absolutely no reason. The ACLU and NLG are suing Oakland for these gross abuses of civil rights.

Never forget that #Oakland were infiltrated by police:

#OccupyDallas was just evicted, some 15 protesters refused to leave their tents and police numbers were utterly overwhelming. Info on numbers is here:

Witness the police and Brookfield Properties members disscussing the Nov. 15th raid on Zuccotti Park and what happened to personal property:

You have also left out video and pics of the woman outside Zuccotti on Nov. 15, brandishing a court order, who was punched in the face by police, screenshots and video link:

And today, police pepper-spraying seated UCDavis students like weeds:

The same in Seattle:

This is all because police are puppets to the 1%, who have sent them to utterly shut down any and all resistance to things as they are. It is up to any healthy police officers to turn in those who are obviously sick. Meanwhile, the new PMs of Greece and Italy are both former Goldman Sachs advisers. Check it out.

Thank you for bringing all of this information to a single place. Cheers.

Friday, November 4, 2011

On Change and Crisis

Crisis: Two mutually exclusive directions coming into conflict.

Conflict is not required. #Occupy can peacefully obsolete the corrupt systems through sheer force of numbers/will. Note how much its presence has stirred up from that many of us having been brought to bear. It is about sheer force of will, combined with numbers. Add your peace, add your will for this to Change, to be better because it has to be, because we are sick of living like this, and we can force peaceful Change for the better. We outnumber them by an incredible amount, by an incredible percentage. You don't have to march, you don't have to camp, but you are asked to add your firm resolve, your determination, that we CAN solve our problems, that we DESERVE to live in a better world, that nothing but this makes any sense, and the issues will run away. You can already see it beginning. We are already winning. We deserve our better world!

#Occupy is about problem identification and solution. Oakland has been identified.

Evidently, Oakland has been a long-term problem regarding police brutality and perhaps racial profiling (I do not know personally). The fear and misguidance of their governing body and enforcement units show themselves as obsolete, as something incompatible with a happy, peaceful world. I ask for the Federal governing body who have been investigating the OPD since at least 2003 to immediately seize control, immediately fire everyone noted as a problem of any sort, re-arrange the infrastructure as appropriate, and to hire people with positive track records regarding relations and interactions with their fellows. Install a program teaching service, not violence.

With two peace-seeking US Veterans in the hospital with life-threatening wounds, with three separate attacks by multiple police agencies, with tear gas, rubber bullets, sting rounds, and flash bangs (most of which you have officially publicly denied in spite of physical and video evidence), this is the will of the people.

#Occupy and The Crab Bucket.

When you have a bucket nearly full of crabs, they will sit in it. If one begins to crawl out over the rim to freedom, several will reach out, grab it, and pull it back in.

This is why #Occupy is being ignored, maligned, and attacked. Those who are comfortable sitting at the bottom of the bucket are uncomfortable with anyone rising above. This is because they would then have to admit that the bucket is a trap and that they should do something, anything, to change their circumstance. And those in control who do not WISH for any change of circumstance which would to them be detrimental. Reach reach, tug tug tug. This also goes to corrupt Democrats who do not wish to be exposed. It even goes to those who do good work, but feel the rug beneath their feet, beginning to be pulled. This is why there is not a riot of Dems screaming to support #Occupy: they fear many things, especially a change in the (eco)system in which they thrive. Identify with #Occupy, and be exposed a hypocrite. Dennis Kucinich places the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and Democracy itself ABOVE existing systems, AS IT SHOULD BE.

Fuck the bucket.