Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shameful media/police collusion on Anaheim PD's attacks upon citizens!

PD phone number: (714) 765-1900 and address: 425 South Harbor Blvd Anaheim,CA 92805  

"Officers used non-lethal rounds and pepper balls to control the crowd, Dunn said. A police dog also got free from an officer's car and charged at several people before it was pulled back, he added."

This is what KTLA say occurred (FAIR USE ACT NOTICE; precludes all other agreements)

This is a citizen's video:

Police are said to have gone door-to-door asking to purchase all recordings of their attacks. Please note the LA Times article says absolutely nothing about the fact that the citizens shot up and bitten in the above video were at a =weekly= protest against Anaheim PD violence. A regular event. And that they were sitting on the lawn! LA Times goes directly to burning dumpsters without connecting the dots that perhaps citizens were mad not only about the murder of one of their own, but that they had been earlier in the day shot up and bitten for protesting it! People must be wondering why they would bring a K9 unit to what is obviously from the video a weekly, sit-down event (not that I for a minute believe the dog simply got loose on its own)...they brought it there for the same reason they brought, and freely used, "less-lethal" weaponry...upon peaceful citizens.
"If they would use those RBs on the guy they killed for running away none of this be happening right now." -Annie Lindstrom
"Non-lethal force has replaced actually speaking to people. People are things now." -Guy Gondron on the Anaheim PD Police Riot
"Anaheim cops, mainstream media call community with baby strollers and children in their front lawns a 'riot'"
-Michael Prysner

"For those trying to parse the #MSM spin of #Anaheim, 'Officer Involved Shooting' means a cop guns down someone."
-Occupy Wall Street
Anaheim PD Officers placed on paid leave after shooting unarmed man in Anaheim.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The CCA are forcing the homeless out of downtown into surrounding areas.

Today in South Los Angeles, a homeless man tells of having been forced out of downtown. This is the trend CCA are establishing.

"My name is Jay; I got pushed out of downtown. I just doing my recycling, trying to find a place to stay, don't bother anybody.

...but it's wrong because they're supposed to protect and serve and we're citizens and we're somebody. And I don't like the way they go harassing people. I'm in the newspaper for Rodney King, when we had a memorial for him. And officers just come around, harass, and look at you, and minorities, and look at those they don't have (anything). And we're still somebody. They're doing a lot of wrong. And that's all I'm saying; they do a lot of wrong. And downtown Los Angeles, they're pushing everybody out of downtown LA, trying to build up for the Lakers or Staples Center, whatever; the Haves and the Have Nots. So the Have Nots, we gotta suffer. Why? And it's the United States; you're supposed to take care of your country(men). And that's my message. God Bless."

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The truth about LAPD's violent attack upon the downtown Artwalk.

There are two things police could have done: Not shown up at all or simply left upon seeing it was CHALK.

[Quote] via Laurel Sylvanus - #OWS #ChalkWalk #DTLA

"You see, NO, the answer is not: "But it was just rubber buillets and beanbags." The answer is "OMG professionals trained in crowd control and crisis management tasked with protecting and serving the PUBLIC made a conscious decision to take aim and FIRE WEAPONS AT THE SAME PUBLIC for peaceful, ARTISTIC PROTEST in the 2nd largest city in the United States of America. I must stand up and be heard on this terrifying, horrible action by SEVERAL MEMBERS of the LAPD!" ~ Occupy Los Angeles

It is entirely about the CCA and their belief that they own and run downtown LA. And that they at least run city hall and the police department, so this is not far from being a complete truth. This is also about Occupy being the cockroach in their tinseltown, and an insane interpretation of the "Broken Windows Theory". And water-soluble childrens' "sidewalk chalk" which is designed to be easily washed off.

LAPD Officer Karen Rayner said it (chalk) is "not vandalism because it's not permanent."

Why not sign the petition for an investigation into their brutality and over-reaction?

There were probably 20 Occupiers at Chalkwalk/Artwalk. The =hundreds= of Artwalkers and locals who stood up to LAPD did so of their own will because LAPD were blatantly WRONG. I was not there; I watched livestream from when tweets went out about the police line. An Occupier who was there is saying there were 10 OccupyLA people present. Here is OLA's press release:

Artwalk/Chalkwalk early in the evening, sans police:

Chalkwalk before the riot police

Photo by Dan Bluemel of LA Activist; see his story linked right after the videos.

Cops arrive including area supervisor Captain Frank, and begin confiscating chalk. Notice the cop in the first video takes out his baton at about 31 seconds. With this attitude and disproportion, it is no wonder they took things so far out of hand.

Arrests for water-soluble chalk drawings, including one saying "(Heart) the police"; people in disbelief, children crying:

Video by PeteyK

Shot in the chest ("foam baton"), arrested...said to have been kicked in the head by cops, see below:

Young woman violently arrested to the crowd's disbelief and upset:

Video by pouyan1 on youtube

Man violently arrested for no reason, with no warning:

Video by Marco Siguenza

Three arrests, woman shoved by cops:

Video by on youtube

Above view, start at 4:45. Taser can be heard at 4:57; not very audible here but I've heard it clearly on other video near the street. I've been reading that they kicked the man in the face and this confirms it repeatedly:

Taser sound is clearly audible at 7:38. Occupy did not tag the truck. Locals were out by then due to police over-presence and police violence....against chalk.

LAPD aggressively block people into the Alexandria Hotel:

This young man was shot four times; displays his wounds:

Video by Sam Slovick

Video of police firing three times; This man was shot once:

Video by Sam Slovick

Occupiers speak truth to LAPD panel, OUTSTANDING:

Video by PeteyK

Police arrests over chalking leads to uprising | l.a. activist

Art Walk Vendor Slams the LAPD's Tactics Against Occupy L.A.

LATimes article. Note they are spray-painting over water-soluble chalk.,0,7994058.story
Also note the space given to CCA head Carol Shatz, attempting to create a "We good, they bad" dynamic.

Image by Todd Blose:
Chalk walk rubber bullets by Todd Blose

Photo by Damon:


Chalkwalk Ch7 crops out rubber bullet injury
Ch7 have on Facebook offered an apology and links to other videos. Occupy the media!

From an above video; I believe this occurred at Main and 4th:

Chalkwalk man arrested violently for filming police

Damon's photoset:

Amber Stephens @amberjamie99pct

Eyewitness: "Many non-occupiers began using chalk and creating their own art, which is when riot police attacked." @Occupyla #ows #ola
Retweeted by Jeff K. (#OYSlive)

"Due to unusual occurance in central division. The city of Los Angeles is on tactical alert status."

    Minor - Minimal to no known threat to life or property


[ChalkWalk] #OWS
has compiled several good report-backs on the ArtWalk Uprising in #DTLA 

Participants of Chalk Walk Respond to Mayor’s Statement & Selective Enforcement

Just a day or so before this attack, Michelle Shocked made a quick video on the subject. Note her being confronted by a CCA korporate kop:

Just a day after their attack upon Artwalk, LAPD are driving motorcycles into crowds of Occupiers:

Do not forget what LAPD did to citizens when the Kings won Lord Stanley's Cup:

LAPD fires less lethal rounds on Kings fans


the department "overall responded appropriately."

Is there enough facepalm? I think not!

Live report thread of the incident as it happened; thank you to all who contributed!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Guest [rant] #OWS Energy is powerful.

[rant] #OWS Energy is powerful. So many of us live oblivious to beauty, truth, freedom and love. However, what I saw in the streets of Los Angeles on Thursday night was instead an embodiment of all four.

The streets were covered in color. Pregnant with people, full of Angelen@s that were standing up for their freedom of expression, art, and speech. The police response was predictable and unconscionable. Those in power are trying (and failing) to apply the insane broken windows theory on the 1st Amendment! The gall of this system is shocking. They will do anything to stop dissent, and people are waking up. Kids shot and tackled and beaten and gassed for using sidewalk chalk on a sidewalk.

It's not really about the chalk, and you and I both know it. It's about what's being written.

One of the components to this movement in my opinion is the recognition of the power of the people united. On Thursday night, it felt like Los Angeles was the People's Town. For an evening, public space became one of meaningful expression. Messages to lovers were written on street corners. Inspiring quotes from social justice figures were drawn on bleak emtpy walls. And smiles were everywhere as people were empowered to be heard through chalk.

The #LAPD, just like the police forces in New York, Oakland, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, UC-Davis, Miami, Seattle, DC, and Philadelphia, reacted how they always do. It is systemic fascism. Lest we forget, the day before the Brooklyn Bridge saw 700 arrests last fall, JP Morgan Chase donated $4.5 million to the NYPD. If you'll remember, the Oakland Police Department received "counter-insurgency" training from Bahraini military police and Israeli Defense Forces. Training for what? How to deal with some tents and signs? For peaceful assembly?

The connection to that type of money in politics & policing in LA? The lobbyists for the 1% in corporations like the Central City Association, the Central City East Association, and other business improvement district firms throughout the city. The free speech crackdown began when activists laid their heads on the sidewalks at #626Wilshire, the offices of the CCA. These groups give money to every single City Council seat and are "helping shape policy" in City Hall nearly every day.

Who is lobbying for Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, Verizon, Walmart, Ralph's, Chevron, AEG [property developers]? The Central City Association. Who is pushing for further criminalization of the homeless, rent hikes on the long-term community residents, "intelligence-based graffiti", a Walmart in Chinatown (and 211 other locations in LA County)? The Central City Association.

So the police fired gas, flashbangs, rubber bullets and beanbag rounds, and beat people with batons. Who are they protecting and serving? The 1%... and a system that values profits over people, property over community, stifling dissent, imprisoning people, and keeping the status quo. On Thursday Night in DTLA, chalk became a catalyst for the people to take the power back.  

By Ryan Rice, Occupy Los Angeles. 

Find his Twitter feed; all killer, no filler:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

June 19, Occupy the Military-Industrial Complex 2.0

Video by PMbeers on youtube:

Code Pink interviewed by RT, video from PMbeers on youtube:

Video by

Report from RT News, only a little on our protest but the larger context is why we were there:

My attempt at editing to music but I had to give up as the editor closes spaces and expands them as clips are inserted and removed, throwing off all good cuts to music further downline.

Music included for entertainment purposes only. Links to listen and purchase are below.

Some of Jeff Kloy's livestream,

Video streaming by Ustream


GEDC0027 s Crop

GEDC0029 s

GEDC0037 s Crop

GEDC0039 s Crop

GEDC0042 s

GEDC0056 s Crop

GEDC0057 s Crop

GEDC0060 s

GEDC0075 s

GEDC0082 s

GEDC0083 s

GEDC0084 s

"Generation" and "Chaos" by Count Zero, from the album "Affluenza".
Buy Count Zero CDs:




Listen to all of "Affluenza":

Nowhere Man's photos:

Brian Seligman's photos:

Slideshow of all my photos:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Philly National Gathering Videos

I'm not there, but have to post this:

Occupy supporters open a five-day protest

"Several dozen protesters affiliated with the Occupy movement convened from cities nationwide on Independence Mall Saturday, setting off tensions with park rangers on the first morning of a planned five-day national Occupy gathering.

Rangers disgruntled occupiers by telling them that they could not bring their tents, even unassembled ones, onto the lawn owned by the National Park Service.

Told that they could not set up a card table to distribute literature on the Market Street sidewalk without a permit, protesters held out a 'people's permit' that they had drafted."

June 30, police escalate against those in the park:

Source: JRozLive

Philadelphia Mayor Wants Occupy National Gathering Participants to Go Thirsty in Heat

Record-breaking heat has been sweeping the United States. The Occupy movement is holding a major National Gathering in Philadelphia right now, where the temperature has reached ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit. Anyone spending hours out in this weather needs to drink water so as not to pass out from heat exhaustion. But Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, a Democrat, has issued orders instructing city departments and other organizations in the city to not give water to occupiers.

Occupiers intended to be able to get water from a fire station nearby where the Gathering has been taking place (right downtown around Independence Mall). When occupiers went to get water for participants who would be at today’s activities, a firefighter said the department could not give occupiers water. A direct order had been given from Nutter to not provide water to occupiers. 

June 30: Occupier is shoved in the throat by cowards:

Chris Hedges speaks at Occupy July 1, 2012

Source: OccupyEye

July 1:  Protesters Kettled And Arrested At Occupy National Gathering #NatGat Part 1/2 



Jesse Halden kettled:


Watch live streaming video from opdxlive at