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Using disaster to create the government of your choice

Look at Greece and the neo-NAZI "golden dawn" party, and until recently the Goldman Sacks lackey in charge of Italy, and his henchmen scattered around Europe in government and banking. Debt to the big banks, among other things, has helped to create disaster situations in which the very rich have installed personnel and even entire political parties which will benefit the growth of their enterprise and power.

When you look at the people of America, you are looking at Personal Convenience as a main motivating factor. Helping Others is another but it doesn't factor in this particular equation. When Personal Convenience is directly assaulted, people will be unhappy and want it to change. When it becomes bad enough, people will scream for change. Unfortunately the powers that be fully understand this sadistic possibility and opportunity: you can purposefully create the causes and conditions in which people will demand Change no matter what, and will jump to demand placed into power, any who shout that they can deliver it. Even those who have created the problem in order to be placed into power.

This has occurred two particular times in recent history:

1. The Bush Disaster Family and their ties with OPEC caused an oil embargo which made President Carter appear weak and foolish. Americans were significantly impacted and they demanded Change. Bush also managed to get reportedly get Iran to hold the hostages until Reagan took office to again make Carter appear weak and foolish. Worked like a charm and disaster waltzed right in. From Reagan we see the beginning of the destruction of unions and the middle class, the start of the long game which is currently reaching fruition.

2. The major Bush supporters Enron met with Schwarzenneger before purposefully shutting down portions of the California power grid, a series of events named "rolling blackouts". Californians wanted Change. A run-off election occurred and Schwarzenneger waltzed right in and immediately began hacking away at infrastructure serviceperson pensions and unions, schools, etc. And Enron were forgiven the rulings against them to the tune, IIRC, of pennies on the dollar.

Now Michigan is an entirely new type of situation. Rachel Maddow warned us about the far right "tea party" (read: Koch Brothers) politicians in Michigan steamrolling the political process as well as wishing to grab up the bequeathed beach-front property in otherwise impoverished, African-American Benton Harbor. Pontiac, Benton Harbor, and shortly Detroit are under the tender loving ministrations of "emergency managers" who through appointment by the State, are free to do as they will with all resources. And Wall Street have walked away from Detroit's distress to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in profit.

Forcing cuts upon the poor while the rich benefit is "austerity" as seen in Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and now America.

Although Big Ed (love him) appears to not see that the "emergency manager" process is a planned scam, his overview of its effects is superb and frightening:
Since Lou Schimmel became Pontiac’s emergency manager in 2011, he has privatized the Department of Public Works, outsourced police services to the Oakland County sheriff’s office, and turned over the city’s fire department to nearby Waterford Township, killing the public sector unions which represented the city’s firefighters and cops. He’s put every city property, including City Hall, up for sale and cut the city’s public employee workforce by about 90%. And he’s done it all without the consent of the city council.

Across Michigan, emergency managers installed by the state are using sweeping powers to privatize public services, lay off city employees, and weaken public sector unions with little standing in their way. Now the same thing is likely to happen in Motor City, one of the industrial centers of America.

Ostensibly a mechanism for rescuing insolvent Michigan cities and school districts from the brink of bankruptcy, the Emergency Management system has turned into a way for unelected officials to break up public sector unions, privatize public services, and drastically shrink the size of municipal governments. Currently, five Michigan cities are being administered by emergency managers—all of whom were appointed by the state’s Local Emergency Financial Assistance Loan Board (ELB).

When a city fails to meet certain financial benchmarks, the state can step in.
To have the state step in, it helps to have a Koch Brothers-funded "tea party" politician as governor.
" secures a dream of the anti-union Koch brothers and the American Legislative Exchange Council, whose associates are well-represented among Snyder’s donors, and whose economic agenda has been ascendant within the modern GOP."
Rachel Maddow warned in 2011:
"Last night on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show, Maddow explained that Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder is pushing a bill through that will give ultimate governmental power literally to corporations, thereby using shock doctrine tactics to create a dystopian government. Synder’s bill not only goes after collective bargaining rights, but does in fact seem to represent the Republicans’ final solution to killing democracy by enabling the replacement of elected officials, dissolving entire city’s government and handing them over to corporations. Snyder calls his 'budget bill' a 'shared sacrifice,' but it gifts corporations with 1.8 billion in tax breaks while hitting citizens with harder taxes, including seniors and other vulnerables, and cutting essential services to an already suffering region."
dtom67 said in a related thread:
The " derivitives" are usually the culprit... Municipal officials use some byzantine derivative bet ,that they do not really understand, to fund pensions. The Bet crashes and they city owes a shitload of money to wall street.
This allows the city to go bankrupt and void its Union contracts. It has finally been understood that the key to breaking unions is to bankrupt those they work for."
So in Michigan the Corporatocracy has now completely bypassed the people of the country as a tool for installing the machination of their choice.

Note that dtom67 of is correct regarding derivitives:

"As the downtrodden African-Americans and whites who make up what’s left of the City of Detroit’s 700,000 resident are about to have their fundamental human rights taken away by the state of Michigan in the coming weeks, new information is coming out as to who and what is responsible for the Detroit’s financial problems.

As anyone with a brain can tell you, for nearly 40 years, Detroit residents have been getting the shaft in Detroit’s slide from thriving metropolis into a dystopian wasteland that once only existed in the imagination of some Hollywood Science Fiction screenwriter.  As the body count of victims is being assessed by finance experts and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s office, it is becoming clear there were actually some major winners in Detroit’s demise and no, former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick hasn’t been mentioned yet.  Even if he is, it appears there were bigger winners than members of the Kilpatrick family.

It appears that UBS, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase enabled about $3.7 Billion of bond issues to cover deficits, pension shortfalls since 2005 and with interest these liabilities rose to $15 billion including money owed to retires and the city employees pension fund.

These bond sales cost Detroit $474 million for underwriting expenses, bond insurance and the handling of interest rate swaps.  This total cost is equal to the Detroit’s budget for police and fire protection for that same period."

Note that energy was involved twice, and that the right wing pulled it off. Energy and such are issues which are not effected by voting, and the right and the rich will use such lateral stunts to direct politics in their preferred direction. See the Koch brother article I posted yesterday.

Read "The Shock Doctrine" and "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" and "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room". Debt and disaster are used to ripen conditions for control and profit. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette. And debt is the main tool being used as far as I can see to ripen conditions in Europe. This may be why it is seemingly impossible to get politicians to do something, anything about the $1 trillion of US student loan debt. Our young are already in their thrall.

The Citigroup "Plutonomy" memo mentions the rich wanting right-wing, anti-immigration governments which will aid in profitable globalisation efforts. The very rich are most certainly engaging in their creation as we post. Voting will not slow down these corporations. But note that the memo lists their first and most significant fear, which is of a populist uprising demanding fair income equality and action against right-wing, corporate and bank-friendly politics.


There are two important factors regarding the DHS/TSA which are rarely taken into consideration:

Charles Koch Reflects on Last Election, Promises to Do More to 'Persuade Politicians'

Student Loan debt surpasses credit card debt in the US: $1Trillion+
Who or what exactly enables "austerity", or "sequestration"?

Article regarding Goldman Sach's reach into European government and banking:

Only Wall Street Wins in Detroit Crisis Reaping $474 Million Fee via limpyhobbler

Cash-strapped cities seized by new management via erinlough

Koch brothers, Tea Party cash drives Michigan right-to-work bill

Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaire Koch Brothers
Rachel Maddow Exposes Michigan Republicans Secret War On Democracy

dtom67 "Derivatives" quote:
dtom67 "Derivatives" quote:  

LIBOR Rigging & Complex Derivatives By UBS Contributed To Detroit’s Demise

Scattered analysis of the Citigroup "Plutonomy" memo:

Sorry, there is thus far no smoking gun regarding HW Bush's OPEC ties and Iran/Contra actions to help install Reagan. But when you view the Trends...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

There are two important factors regarding the DHS/TSA which are rarely taken into consideration:

1. The profit motive.

The 2006 Citigroup "Plutonomy Symposium" memo states that technological revolution is one of the drivers of plutonomy, of the very rich becoming ever-richer. We've already seen Halliburton awarded no-bid contracts by former employees then in government, and using the opportunity to charge taxpayers $45 per case of cola delivered to troops, and $100 per bag of laundry done. A nation-wide "homeland security" tech revolution, including drones and TSA scanners, are working to help further engorge the profit parasites.

Meet the Contractors Turning America's Police Into a Paramilitary Force

"The national security state has an annual budget of around $1 trillion. Of that huge pile of money, large amounts go to private companies the federal government awards contracts to. Some, like Lockheed Martin or Boeing, are household names, but many of the contractors fly just under the public's radar. What follows are three companies you should know about (because some of them can learn a lot about you with their spy technologies)."

2. That the profit motive helping drive the very rich to ever further heights, becomes self-reinforcing through government and lobbyists working to vote into law bills which simultaneously limit our freedoms and provide wild profiteering for the very rich.

Anonymous: Night Raid Equipment-Maker Lobbied for NDAA, Singles Out Sen. Rob Portman.

"Anonymous singles out Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) for receiving a particularly large sum from companies and PACs lobbying for the NDAA. From the RT report:

'Robert J. Portman...we are truly disturbed by the ludicrous $272,853 he received from special interest groups supporting the NDAA bill that authorizes the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.

Even in Washington terms, over a quarter million is a ridiculous amount of money from special interest groups supporting an issue to any single legislator. Congressmen have been bought for far less, with around $50,000 considered a serious ante at anyone's table, and much less merely keeping you in the game.'


Among the supporters of NDAA are California-based manufacturer Surefire, L.L.C., who won a $23 million contract from the Department of Defense three months ago."

The leaked Citigroup memo, "The Plutonomy Symposium: Rising Tides Lifting Yachts."

Halliburton bills taxpayers $45 per case of soda, $100 per bag of laundry

Scattered analysis of the Plutonomy memo from which this post is drawn:

Monday, March 4, 2013

The scams "fiscal cliff", "sequestration", "debt ceiling" all have the same thing in common:

Money. And the banks and investors and very rich who profit from it all.

This began when BushCo created debt to "pay" for what have become endless war budgets, which also profit the very rich. Debt is slavery, and its after-effects can be used to destablize entire currencies and countries. (Edit: actually, before that with Reagan and his handlers looking to destroy unions and the middle-class.) When they are in enough trouble, you'll suddenly find new plans to deepen the cuts to the non-rich, which is a double-dip called "austerity". The rich took the money in the first place, then they take it again by further hurting the non-rich. The "wars", the bank and wall street "bailouts" (read: handouts) were part one to create destablization. This is now part 2: not stopping handouts to the rich while cutting the non-rich to shreds. There is a definite double-standard occurring and we've already seen its continuing results in Greece, etc.

Neocon Paul Wolfowitz was in charge of the World Bank for a minute; goes to motive and connections. Have you read "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"? "The Shock Doctrine"? Gotta break some eggs if you want to make an omelette. Just look at Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and more, and know that it is now in effect here, and therein lies the potential for further bank/plutonomy take-over via puppets in positions of power as well as the rise of any "emergency" government replacements such as the neo-NAZI "Golden Dawn" party. Inconvenience people enough and they'll beg for whomever promises a solution, to be in power. Even if they're electing the ones who caused the problems in the first place.

Herbert Walker Bush helped make President Carter look a fool through multiple extra-partisan actions, including through family friends OPEC, an embargo which hit Americans squarely in their Personal Convenience. Surprise, Americans then wanted change, =any= change, and Saint Reagan waltzed right in. Enron pulled the exact same tactic upon California, meeting with Schwarzenneger prior to purposely causing "rolling blackouts" in the CA power grid, pushing Californians in their Personal Convenience, causing them to demand Change, ANY change, which allowed Schwarzenneger to waltz right in. He immediately began attacking nurses, fire fighters, infrastructure, pensions, slashed CA mental health care by 60% in a single stroke of the pen...beware disaster as it can be a purposeful setting of the stage, a stacking of the deck, to provide for a pre-planned outcome. "Creating causes and conditions."

And Enron were an enormous W. Bush contributor/supporter who were among the first to begin buyouts of water supplies, which now involves many companies including Citigroup and also the Bush family proper.

This is all about the bankster behind the curtain. And of course the people have forgotten that THEY are the power and all of these KLOWNS merely represent us. Until it's no longer klowns but only banksters. Because right now they're setting the stage, creating the causes and conditions, through which to turn us into Greece.


"Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room", book or film
"Confessions of an Economic Hitman"
The Citigroup "Plutonomy" memo, "The Plutonomy Symposium, Rising Tides Lifting Yachts"

Analysis of the above memo including links regarding Goldman Sachs installing Prime Ministers (Italy) and more, how banks and wall street have been continuously bailed out and propped up via taxpayer dollars regardless of "sequester", that the actual US economy is driven by the top 20% and not the rest of us, that technology revolution aids Plutonomy, such as the spy tech industry and its $1 trillion budget; water privatization, etc.:

An AMAZING visualization of wealth inequality in America (VIDEO)

Who or what exactly enables "austerity", or "sequestration"?

12 Ways the Sequester Will Screw the Poor

Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaire Koch Brothers

America faces more than a dozen deadlines, all caused by billionaires and wealth transfer

I’ve had an article in draft for some time — “The 16 Deadlines Facing America” — that details each deadline, describes the dangers, and states why each faces an end-point rather than just a periodic fluctuation... I’ve identified 16 of these game-over situations facing America today, situations from which there is the possibility of no recovery — not the certainty, but the possibility. As I was working on that article though, looking especially what it would take to reverse each trend, I realized it’s really only one story writ 16 times on 16 separate canvasses.

That story? The song of the predator class, the rich and the rest — “All your money are belong to us.”
Here they are, numbered in no particular order, but grouped:

1. Accelerating transfer of wealth to the .001% (“the billionaires”)
2. Accelerating transfer of manufacturing out of the country
3. Marginalization or destruction of effective labor unions
4. Destruction of the middle class (i.e., the consumer class)
5. Capture of government by billionaires of both parties
6. Capture of the Republican Party by anti-Constitutional billionaires via Tea Party-financed candidates
7. Constitutional changes, including changes in practice to rule of law and an ever-widening circle of elites with immunity from prosecution
8. Creation via trade agreements of a transnational state that enshrines corporate sovereignty
9. Permanent war and a permanently expanding military
10. Permanently expanding national security state, including militarization of police, widespread spying and punishment for political crimes
11. The ticking time bomb of increasing numbers of returning untreated war-damaged battle-trained veterans
12. Oil dependence without recognition of oil as a soon-to-be-depleted energy source
13. Deterioration of the environment, largely due to oil and carbon dependence, among other causes
14. Destruction of the integrity of our food supply
15. Destruction of public education
16. Climate catastrophe and the collapse of human populations and level of civilization

My bottom line, and the surprise discovery, is that every single one is driven by one common cause — internationalist billionaires.

FORMER GOLDMAN BANKER: You Should Know The Ugly Math Behind Your Credit Card Debt

And I'm not even touching upon military-industrial complex profits from the never-ending war budget...guess I will:

Halliburton bills taxpayers $45 per case of soda, $100 per bag of laundry

Note the word taxpayers. We are hosts to parasites and they are killing us.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Keep an eye on HR748

"To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 25 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or as civilian service in a Federal, State, or local government program or with a community-based agency or community-based entity, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, to provide for the registration of women under the Military Selective Service Act, and for other purposes."

The above site gives it a 1% chance of being passed, but as an Occupy activist who has watched cops arrest 7400 of us and more, beaten several (I was assaulted by PD for attempting to film them tackling completely innocent fellow Occupiers), and created laws against it, the above bill appeals to the cynic in me as the =potential= formation of enforcers and thugs who would happily bring down the Stanford Experiment upon the nation. If they are "deployed" within the US, it would breach Posse Comitatus.

1400 riot police destroy the Occupy LA encampment:

My Occupy LA Arrest, by Patrick Meighan (Family Guy writer. Warning: Graphic)

Why would anyone create enforcers and thugs? There is a business lobby in LA which employ faux police around the downtown area, including to criminalize and daily harass the homeless out of the area (which cca intend to gentrify). Here are "red shirts" on Skid Row attempting to create a reason to call LAPD to make arrests (very short):

Here is a red shirt on Skid Row saying that he's an "enforcer", at 13 minutes 46 seconds in. What is this corporation telling them they are?

And here are "purple shirts" acting =as police= alongside LAPD as they both attack an OccupyLA march:

Purple shirts and lapd occupy

But mind you, they are NOT police. They are private corporate-owned patrols, which is fascism.

Here is one of them telling musician Michelle Shocked that she can't leave art in the arts district. You can skip to 1.27.. :facepalm:

From a CCA website capture:

"Do you deserve a place in LA’s most powerful rolodex? Our members are shaping the future of Los Angeles. They’re connected. They’re influential. They belong because they believe in making a difference."

Hopefully this is tinfoil but Trends force me to see things in worst possible terms. Hopefully it's different in your town. But what was nationally done to Occupy, a peaceful, righteous 1st Amendment protest against real actual crimes, amounts to domestic terrorism, by the government's own definitions.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Say hello to my little austerity- What may come, what to work against

Austerity is now upon America. What are the logical Trends to watch for, to prepare against, to fight, to beat?

-This will hit many Americans in their Personal Convenience. The PC button is one of the main buttons to hit if you want outrage and action. (Caring for one another in time of crisis is another, and this will also come forth. Mutual Aid.)

-The poor and weak will shortly begin being hit; outrageous conditions become revealed and broadcast

-Social unrest will grow as this time, many people already have some idea of what Occupy was discussing

-If it reaches the point of marching in the streets, Occupy and simply outraged citizens, the riot cop problem and its continuation (courts, the prison-industrial complex) will follow. We need a solution to this obstacle.

-DHS and "police" will set "rules" against citizen self-expression (marching, gathering)

-If things get to the point as in Greece, Spain, Italy, etc. with tens of thousands marching, even surrounding government demanding they do something, the DHS and "police" response will worsen.

-If there is violence, even by paid provocateur(s), they can immediately tighten laws and increase their response. Drones would likely be "required" to monitor for "violence" (read: now we get to monitor all of you like we always wanted to). They know Occupy might come back even larger in proportion to their actions and they HAVE to have plans against it.

-Watch more cities fall into the "tea party" "emergency manager" rules now taking over Michigan (there's no money! have a dictator!).

-The Koch brothers and the banks behind the "tea party" will automatically gain power.

-Watch the EU states most hit by the "austerity" power-grab scam. Some have installed Goldman Sachs ex-employees as Prime Ministers and bank execs. Lew in the US was just effectively paid by Citigroup to take a government position.

-The Citigroup "Plutonomy" memo lists right-wing, anti-immigration governments as being friendly to the expansion plans of the rich. Enough social trouble results in things such as run-off elections which install such "governments". This was done in California by Enron, who had meetings with Schwarzenneger before causing "rolling blackouts" in the power grid which so inconvenienced citizens they demanded a run-off election. Schwarzenneger immediately began attacking social infrastructure and the pensions of firefighters and nurses, among other things, cutting mental health care by 60% in one swipe. Most obviously, the very rich WANT "just enough" unrest through which to further their goals, and I believe they have plans long since in place. The "Plutonomy" memo identified social trends in other Plutonomy states as resulting in Occupy and similar...and they mentioned increasing signs of such, in 2006. They know, and they're planning and keeping watch.

-Remember that the rich are prospering from the DHS and TSA and related trillion-dollar budgets. They'll make money while stealing power.

-Massive water grabs are ongoing world-wide. That would likely intensify in the US under stress conditions, even be called "necessary". Only benefits the rich; severely increases their power.

-Massive unemployment, debt, shortages.

Youth unemployment in Europe: ~24% (Greece 59.4%, Spain 55.5% and Italy 38.7%).

-The bill just introduced requiring the young to "serve" in militaristic gangs would likely prosper and Posse Comitatus disappear. HR748

-With CISPA passing and the White House officially demonizing Anonymous, there is vast potential for censorship and control of the internet, which would impede resistance.

-People will have to gather in homes and communities to survive, in a long-term view of this problem. This involves community farming and home farming. Watch for laws restricting the number of people in a given residence and against the use of personal property to grow food. There already are signs of both. I do believe this to be a positive model when it can be turned into happiness and not necessity.

How to beat these issues? How to build a system obsoleting the old, destructive system? How to beat the cop/court/prison obstacle?