Friday, October 25, 2013

Goldman Sachs making the US like Greece, Italy, Spain...

Ted Cruz, who led the recent "shutdown" of the government, is apparently married to a VP of Goldman Sachs (who was part of the Bush/Cheney crew as well). Would GS and the 1% in league with them tip the US into the same condition they've managed to introduce in Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, and more European countries? Sure they would. The systematic, incremental elimination of the US Constitution is an important part of it, as is their corruption of politics away from the will of The People, as is the installation of the "surveillance state" which is intended with the flip of a switch to become a police state, one designed to protect the 1% from any populist uprising or even criticism, much less investigation and reporting and justice.
The surveillance state was built under our noses, even more cleverly than building a Trojan Horse to be brought into the city (how do you enter an impenetrable fortress? Get invited). This all goes back to Bush family and their Neocon buddies at the PNAC with their need for "a new Pearl Harbor" from which to launch their machinations. A Bush family member then ignored "Bin Laden determined to strike within the US" daily Presidential briefing and viola, reason to install the mechanisms through which to increase income inequality and to establish NGOs as powerful as the actual government (the Bush family's Booz Allen Hamilton, theirs through a 2/3ds share via their Carlyle Group, has many staff members acting as advisors in government).

The so-called "shutdown" benefits the 1% desire to damage or even fully topple any country's government to enable deregulation, usury, power grabs, you name it. Get people mad enough at government and they'll topple it for you, paving the way for your little plans. They WANT another populist uprising through which they may install the police state meant to protect themselves and to grab all that power and money. 

If you are not yet aware of these please read them:

The Confidential Memo at the Heart of the Global Financial Crisis

The 1% are ripping the shit out of us

And from my page on the leaked Citigroup Plutonomy memos:

Plutonomy's plan for America resembles Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal...
Goldman Sachs timeline, conquests:


Voila! Greek Gov't Appoints Ex-Goldman Exec As New Debt Chief


Arrest the Criminals at Goldman Sachs and in the Greek Government (video: Greg Palast)

Also Italy's Prime Minister; the former attorney general of Ireland during the bailout; the head of the European Central Bank; and more:

The 2008 economic collapse was planned, a smash-and-grab to destablize the country. Disaster Capitalism. The Shock Doctrine. What has been done to Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain, is being done to America.

And why not America?

Citi Offered Jack Lew A Big Bonus To Secure A 'High-Level' Government Position
"It's not uncommon for a U.S. Treasury Secretary to have served on Wall Street, but what's interesting about this next one is that his bank gave him a pretty significant financial incentive make the leap."
(Analyze the similarities between what was done in those countries versus what has happened here.)
Plutonomists say in the memo that they prosper from right-wing, anti-immigration politics so why not work to install such when it does not hurt the Plutonomists in the process? In countries whose economy is not already dominated by them, why not drive the population to rebel against government (through brazen “austerity” measures) and even overthrow it, providing opportunity for the Plutonomists to install the right-wing, anti-immigration model they prefer?
Remember when Bush family friends OPEC embargo'd Democratic President Jimmy Carter, personally inconveniencing most Americans to the point of beginning to attack each other over places in gas lines? Then Saint Ronald Reagan was then installed, beginning their long process of destroying America's middle class and unions.

Oddly enough, Enron pulled the same stunt in California and got Republican Arnold Schwarzenneger installed, who immediately attacked infrastructure (nurses, firefighters, health and mental health care, etc.)

Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel wants to run for US president. Mind you, =former Goldman Sachs employee= Rahm Emmanuel wants to run for US president. Ahem.

(End of quote from Plutonomy Memo page)


The Bush family, their friends the Saudis looking to divest from peak oil, Citigroup and their Plutonomy, Goldman Sachs world-wide...the 1% are attempting a literal take-over based upon what's worked in Europe. More:

The leaked 2006 Citigroup Plutonomy memo Part 1

It would be the most utter folly to imagine Obama will do anything to stop any of this; he is a tool and product of billionaire Penny Pritzker, whom he appointed to high government position. Many if not most on Obama's staff take huge donations from Goldman Sachs; Hillary Clinton's was over $400K!

The "Fed" is a privately-owned bank to which the United States is trillions of dollars in debt, largely through the repeated Bush family wars which were no doubt directly intended to create the debt which shall be soon used as the lever through which to force "austerity" upon us. Oops, there's no money, better cut everything for the poor...and we have Europe in the US along with its social destablization which is intended to open the door to the 1%'s far-right government representatives such as "golden dawn" in Greece...actual neo-NAZIs, for fuck's sake, in government. Very good for eliminating government policies limiting corporate profits and profit models. All planned.

This just in:

Invisible People ‏@invisiblepeople

Food stamps will get cut by $5 billion this week — and more cuts could follow

Partnership between Facebook and police could make planning protests impossible

Cliff Potts ‏@cliffpotts

Police militarization expo Urban Shield descends on Oakland (VIDEO) — RT USA: …

Friday, October 11, 2013

I for one do not welcome our new "austerity" overlords

So finally, here is the "austerity" about which I've been screaming for years that they'd implement in America after having used Europe as a proving ground. It consists of defunding and cancelling government services for the poor while continuing to pay themselves and generate handouts to big business as usual. Most important are the further cuts to social programs for the poor which are destined to come under the explanation "there's no money" so we have to cut services further (and usually re-route those monies into their own pockets).

Such self-sustaining services as the Post Office and Social Security are under attack because of 1% desires to privatize and steal. This has been the long-term plan.

Signs and trends to note: No cuts to bailouts and the rich, further cuts to the poor, claims of no money, deaths and unrest amongst the poor. This is the sadism of the 1%, who =want= another populist uprising in order to flip the surveillance state over into the police state it was always intended to become (Trojan Horse ploy).

More information:

The Confidential Memo at the Heart of the Global Financial Crisis

The 1% are ripping the shit out of us 

The leaked 2006 Citigroup Plutonomy memo Part 1 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The next populist uprising

I've seen it over and over on Occupy and related actions and marches: those targeted for protest call the police or sheriffs, who come and only see a problem to be solved, disorder, non-compliance. They know nothing of the =reason= for the protest, and care nothing for the reason. They're ordered not to listen to explanations. It's all an adrenaline rush to them and a "job well done" following orders. Orders which in extremis give us Kent State. And thanks to obedient, unquestioning police and sheriffs (and Feds), the target of protest (Constitutional 1st Amendment freedoms here) remains untouched and business as usual continues.

The majority of those who marched with Occupy will already know this. Those who have been marching for years long since understand this. This is a facet of "the machine", the socio-economic engine rigged to benefit the rich and powerful.

In the event of a new populist uprising, which is indeed building in this and other countries due to increasing and expanding income and opportunity inequality, the surveillance state can reveal its police state flip side, one fully intended by those who installed the surveillance state in the first place to protect their empire building from those actually living within the empire. They WANT a reason to reveal and enable the police state (which would not fully appear as a typical police state; they have been installing Fascism in increments to lessen the appearance of Fascism, having studied history to learn from previous mistakes and successes).

How may we resist and overcome without triggering their violence engine and further justifications of violence and laws against freedom?

Climate change drives this point further home as food prices will continue to increase. The Bush war debt of trillions of dollars will be used (as fully intended) to force "austerity" upon us as has been done in Europe to vast profit. The very rich are behind the "government shutdown" and it shows their growing power in the political process, which they have effectively hijacked from the people of this country. This is another driving force for uprising. It is inevitable. How will we do so to OUR best benefit, we, the people of this country? Never forget, the root of the word "Democracy" is "The will and the voice of the People". This is OUR country, not of and for the Plutonomy.