Friday, March 1, 2013

Say hello to my little austerity- What may come, what to work against

Austerity is now upon America. What are the logical Trends to watch for, to prepare against, to fight, to beat?

-This will hit many Americans in their Personal Convenience. The PC button is one of the main buttons to hit if you want outrage and action. (Caring for one another in time of crisis is another, and this will also come forth. Mutual Aid.)

-The poor and weak will shortly begin being hit; outrageous conditions become revealed and broadcast

-Social unrest will grow as this time, many people already have some idea of what Occupy was discussing

-If it reaches the point of marching in the streets, Occupy and simply outraged citizens, the riot cop problem and its continuation (courts, the prison-industrial complex) will follow. We need a solution to this obstacle.

-DHS and "police" will set "rules" against citizen self-expression (marching, gathering)

-If things get to the point as in Greece, Spain, Italy, etc. with tens of thousands marching, even surrounding government demanding they do something, the DHS and "police" response will worsen.

-If there is violence, even by paid provocateur(s), they can immediately tighten laws and increase their response. Drones would likely be "required" to monitor for "violence" (read: now we get to monitor all of you like we always wanted to). They know Occupy might come back even larger in proportion to their actions and they HAVE to have plans against it.

-Watch more cities fall into the "tea party" "emergency manager" rules now taking over Michigan (there's no money! have a dictator!).

-The Koch brothers and the banks behind the "tea party" will automatically gain power.

-Watch the EU states most hit by the "austerity" power-grab scam. Some have installed Goldman Sachs ex-employees as Prime Ministers and bank execs. Lew in the US was just effectively paid by Citigroup to take a government position.

-The Citigroup "Plutonomy" memo lists right-wing, anti-immigration governments as being friendly to the expansion plans of the rich. Enough social trouble results in things such as run-off elections which install such "governments". This was done in California by Enron, who had meetings with Schwarzenneger before causing "rolling blackouts" in the power grid which so inconvenienced citizens they demanded a run-off election. Schwarzenneger immediately began attacking social infrastructure and the pensions of firefighters and nurses, among other things, cutting mental health care by 60% in one swipe. Most obviously, the very rich WANT "just enough" unrest through which to further their goals, and I believe they have plans long since in place. The "Plutonomy" memo identified social trends in other Plutonomy states as resulting in Occupy and similar...and they mentioned increasing signs of such, in 2006. They know, and they're planning and keeping watch.

-Remember that the rich are prospering from the DHS and TSA and related trillion-dollar budgets. They'll make money while stealing power.

-Massive water grabs are ongoing world-wide. That would likely intensify in the US under stress conditions, even be called "necessary". Only benefits the rich; severely increases their power.

-Massive unemployment, debt, shortages.

Youth unemployment in Europe: ~24% (Greece 59.4%, Spain 55.5% and Italy 38.7%).

-The bill just introduced requiring the young to "serve" in militaristic gangs would likely prosper and Posse Comitatus disappear. HR748

-With CISPA passing and the White House officially demonizing Anonymous, there is vast potential for censorship and control of the internet, which would impede resistance.

-People will have to gather in homes and communities to survive, in a long-term view of this problem. This involves community farming and home farming. Watch for laws restricting the number of people in a given residence and against the use of personal property to grow food. There already are signs of both. I do believe this to be a positive model when it can be turned into happiness and not necessity.

How to beat these issues? How to build a system obsoleting the old, destructive system? How to beat the cop/court/prison obstacle?