Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DHS Spy Files on the Occupy Movement Part 2

New Documents Reveal: DHS spying on Peaceful Demonstrations and Activists


Part Two:


Page 1: Inter- and Intra-agency documents are exempt from FOIA.

Page 4: Denver Megacenter violent spot report: DHS and PD waiting for more personnel to arrive before acting to clear a camp.

Page 6: Police and ??? attempt to clear an encampment.

Page 7: DHS District Commander: "We are sending troops to help keep it cleared."

Page 9: Washington D.C. Department of Public Affairs discusses Occupy encampment specifics.

Page 16: "Reinforce with your personnel to have a fly-away bag ready with all of their riot gear."

Page 20, ways to annoy Occupiers in the park (sprinklers, power washing, etc.)

Page 25, a coalition of business owners are suing the parks department and pressuring police to clear the camp (same as Oakland 1% letter to Quan). 

Page 86: Sending an agent with riot gear. 

Page 88, a mayor saying he has to wait for politicos to weigh in before evicting...

Page 96: (we) must seek the counsel of our national leadership.

Page 109: "DHS is all over this."

Page 145: I'd vote for having a little show of force during this event just in case."

Page 166: DHS co-ordinating with police.

Page 173, co-ordination and oversight with police of an encampment eviction.

Page 190:

"Nice. Well we actually heard that the White House told GSA to make their own decision. We heard that GSA is allowing them
to cam
p as long as there is no threat to life. I believe MRSA fits the description but it's obviously above our pay grade.
( talked with our Field office manager and he feels the same way as we do but we have to obide by the Just White House decision that was past down to allow them on the property if they are peaceful. I know that's not
what we want. Let me know if I can do anything to help"

(Bold is mine, not in the original.) 

Page 193: (I am from DHS) and I would like to craft a plan to deal with this (march) and would like assistance from your office. (Addressee redacted)

Page 194: Plan to clear folks out if they occupy federal land.

Page 208: Info on Gear. Officers are to bring/wear (redacted, but "riot gear" has been mentioned previously at least twice). 

Page 209: Section 7: A special agent recommends an Occupier who is rambling incoherently contact the FBI for further guidance.

Page 210: Section 11: Cop talks with special agent about them working together against encampments. 

Page 211: A great deal of time and manpower devoted to "protecting" federal property. 

Page 220: Supposed cyber attack upon wall street; "FBI is investigating". 

Page 224: Our ability to respond to demonstrators.

Page 243: Federal Protective Service phone number, redacted on other pages:


Page 249: Occupy D.C.: Business owners have been giving the parks service the blues over the encampment.

Page 250: NYPD arrest five Occupiers for wearing masks (Oct. 2011)

Page 254: "Fundamental problems with the US economy and financial systems." 

Great job DHS, with researching these true claims and catching and punishing those actually harming the country. 

(infinite facepalm)