Friday, July 26, 2013

Some good reasons to know Obama is lying about "no torture for Snowden"

Three years of solitary confinement for PFC Manning before a hint of a trial.

Despite human rights organizations making complaints and demands. To the US, that is not torture.
Obama signed the NDAA section 1021 which provides for the indefinite detention of US citizens with neither trial nor representation.

So they can stuff Snowden in a box for the rest of his life and say it's perfectly legal, which by their legislation and interpretation, it is.

The US also said they wouldn't scramble fighters to get a 29-year-old hacker, then force down the plane of another country's president for 12 hours, hoping to find Snowden on board, creating an international incident. Obama said he'd protect whistle-blowers then arrested them all. 

Obama said "violence against peaceful protesters is unacceptable" in regard to the early Egyptian uprising, then sends militarized police to beat and arrest 7400+ Occupiers who were trying to draw attention to terrible economic injustice. Obama has since continued bail-outs to wall street and the big corporations and the DOJ calls the banks too big to jail. Then Obama appoints billionaire worker's rights offender Penny Pritzker to a government post. And starts talking about Summers, a Wall Street de-regulator, to head the Fed (which printed trillions of dollars for banks which we'll never ever again see, all the while forcing "sequestration" upon the little people because there's no money).

 Then Obama says he's just like Trayvon Martin the same week praises the unConstitutional racist Ray Kelly as being viable for secretary of DHS (where he'd bring "stop and frisk", which stops 85% black and brown people, everywhere). And Obama has done nothing to wind down or eliminate GEORGE BUSH'S surveillance state. On the contrary, he forced down a sovereign nation's president's plane looking for him, an international incident. 

It was posited that Obama's promise to aid whistle-blowers was a straight-up honeypot intended to capture as many as possible in one fell swoop. Which would mean he came into office with such plans. 

Obama said "transparency and the rule of law will the the touchstones of this administration."


Extra-judicial executions of US citizens suspected of terror or terrorist ties! Fuck the rule of law or telling people about his kill lists. Oops, kill lists, another reason to trust our executioner in chief.

When they say they won't torture him, they mean we're planning to torture him. They say the opposite of what they fully intend to do, like all politicians. 



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