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Why Israel's #1 ally is about to bomb Iran's #1 ally

Israel's #1 ally is the United States. Iran's #1 ally is Syria. Iran has obligations to respond if their ally Syria is attacked. As does Iran's ally, the recently uppity Russia, who have already stated clear warnings against military action against Syria.

Hillary syria war with iran for israel

Please note that I am not pro-Assad. I am anti-war and am against murder. There must be another solution.

Now: I'm not anti-Semetic. I am anti-Zionist.

“Defenders of Zionism say it is a national liberation movement for the repatriation of a dispersed socio-religious group to what they see as an abandoned homeland millennia before.[5][6][7] Critics of Zionism see it as a colonialist[8] or racist[9] ideology that led to the denial of rights, dispossession and expulsion of the 'indigenous population of Palestine'”.[10][11]

“Zionism” isn't “all Jewish people everywhere” as much as Protestants are not “all Christians everywhere” or “tea party” = “all Americans everywhere”. Singling out any one of these is not an absolute, blanket accusation of ALL related persons. 

I am for the Jewish people and am against the Zionist racist destruction of the Palestinian people. How can anyone imagine there are absolutes functioning here? Zionism is racist. It is killing an entire people. I have a problem here. With Zionists, not the entire Jewish people.

My father is Jewish. As a decades-long seeker I respect the Jewish mysticism of Kabbalah as a pure path (but not necessarily what is being marketed publicly).

The US is a staunch Zionist ally. Billions of our taxpayer dollars a year go there despite its partially being used for murder and destruction. The last Democratic National Convention even involved a Zionist pledge!

“Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa found himself in an awkward position Wednesday night as part of his high-profile role as chairman of the Democratic National Convention when he was forced to call for three votes in an effort to invoke God in the party platform and reaffirm the role of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.”

I am against war and destruction. Zion IS war and destruction; just ask the people of Palestine. Have you forgotten Netanyahu using Wyl E. Coyote graphics to attempt to convince the UN to go to WAR with Iran (whose government, NOT PEOPLE, is also insane) ? 


Now. When you Google

“netanyahu war iran”

You'll get many pages of results. Here are headlines from page 1:

Netanyahu Preparing Public for Possible War With Iran

Jul 20, 2013

Netanyahu: Credible military option needed against nuclear Iran ...

Jul 14, 2013

Netanyahu concerned as ever about Iran, but world powers will not ... 

Aug 10, 2013

Netanyahu & the Lobby Cowboy Up For War With Iran
Aug 9, 2013

Arutz Sheva - 1 day ago

War With Iran: The Very Real Threat of WWIII Will Come Not From ...

Benjamin Netanyahu used his trip to the US to demand that we set specific conditions (red lines) on Iran that would trigger military action if crossed.

Netanyahu calls for stronger Iran sanctions, 'credible' military option ...

Jul 14, 2013

PM to push US for 'more credible military option' on Iran |

Jul 13, 2013

How Netanyahu's Iran Policy Ends Badly

Jul 16, 2013

Netanyahu still war-obsessed despite Iran's moderate swing by ...

Jun 16, 2013

Interesting, yes?
Including the following article from yesterday:

Netanyahu: Syria is Iran’s ‘testing ground’

‘Assad regime isn’t acting alone,’ PM says after meeting with French FM, who claims there’s ‘no doubt’ who’s behind chemical attack

Zion wants war with Iran; continues telling everyone they need to be at war with Iran. Endlessly. They don't stop. 

I do not want this war. Zion desperately wants it. They want more death and destruction. To the extent that they appear to truly revel in it; they spend endless hours attempting to create it. They desperately want war and death and destruction and apparently little else. This in my opinion qualifies them for the descriptor of “death cult”, which would be a group whose principle aim is to cause death, to want and demand it, to dole it out regularly without qualm (such has been done to the people of Palestine). 

Mind you I also find the Iranian government to be insane as well. I support the people of Israel and Iran but NOT their insane governments! 

And how about that Syrian oil and Shell's interest in it:

"1. (C) Summary. In addition to being awarded new concessions in the most recent bid round, Royal Dutch Shell is aggressively pursuing a number of new initiatives which, if successful, would expand the company's already considerable presence in Syria."

This is an ancient and complex issue and I have no full window into it and do not claim to. I do not wish to upset anyone with this post. I am for peace and against warmongers and wish to say something. I've remained silent on the Zion/Palestine issue for decades but can no longer.

Also, the US is guilty of using destructive chemical and radioactive weapons against civilians in Vietnam and Iraq, as well as arming Saddam:

Chemical Weapons


Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran


Iraq's depleted uranium clean-up to cost $30m as contamination spreads


"More than 400 tonnes of DU ammunition are estimated to have been fired by jets and tanks in the two Iraq wars in 1991 and 2003, the vast majority by US forces. The UK government says that British forces fired less than three tonnes."

So who exactly is condemning others for the use of horrifying weapons?

Stratfor intel discusses attempts to collapse Syria from within:


"The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” ---Senator Obama, 12-20-2007

Biden too:

Obama And Biden Have Said Military Action Without Congressional Approval Is Unconstitutional

“I want to make it clear to you,” Biden said speaking at a campaign event in Davenport, Iowa in December 2007. “I’ve drafted, with the help of 17 years I was the chairman of the Judiciary Committee or the ranking member. Ladies and gentlemen, I drafted and outline of what I think the constitutional limits have on the president in over the war clause. I went to five leading scholars, constitutional scholars, and they drafted a treatise for me, and it’s being distributed to every senator. And I want to make it clear and I made it clear to the president, if he takes this nation to war in Iran, without congressional approval — I will make it my business to impeach him.”

I know Right

Putin Orders Massive Strike Against Saudi Arabia If West Attacks Syria 



Notes from Occupy Melbourne; Ten years ago, lies about WMD were an excuse to invade Iraq for oil and endless taxpayer monies. I have not vetted these articles; they are presented for further reading. Take what you like and leave the rest. Apologies if any are from nut jobs. Solidarity with Occupy Melbourne!

U.S. Framed Syria in Chemical Weapons Attack to start War

Hacked e-mails reveal 'Washington approved' plan to stage Syria chemical attack http://tinyurl.com/l4l2nej

Once again the US & the UK appear on the verge of fighting another illegal war. It all seems so familiar with what occurred before the Iraq war. We were told Saddam had WMD's & links to Al-Qaeda. The fact the US had by far away the greatest links to Al-Qaeda since the CIA founded & funded it, mattered none! The result was the complete destruction of Iraq, enormous casualties, which to this very day, continues to mount. The only country that's gained is Israel, largely due to a pipeline built courtesy of the US taxpayer, from Iraqi oilfields, all the way through Jordan, straight into Israel, where they pay a paltry $2 per barrel! Now the very same people are telling us a similar pack of lies!

However, this time the stakes could not be higher! Russia have already made it clear they cannot allow Syria to be destroyed just the way Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya were! The Chinese too are well aware the next step is Iran.

The Syrian narrative being presented on the nightly news is of brave rebel fighters battling oppressive dictator Assad whose forces go around shelling civilians and murdering babies. And while some of that is certainly true, the real devil lies in the details and omissions; truth being the first casualty of any war since the first shot gets fired. Hardcore war in the heart of the Middle East is complex and prone to lies especially these days when all the major powers are scrambling for the last easily tappable energy reserves on the planet; but that kind of big picture view never fits into a soundbite even if a foreign public wants to hear it.


See links supportive evidence:

Graphic:Video Emerges from Syria Showing Horrific Aftermath of Chemical Attack http://tinyurl.com/lymmz7d

The Coming Collapse Of The Petrodollar System

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." - Mark Twain