Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ted Cruz claims "war upon free speech" when "citizens united" is threatened

A friend who watches some right-wing media just asked me for additional information about a bill he'd heard discussed which the democrats are signing, which would end the 1st Amendment. Having seen zero about this in social media I went online and found this:

"Ted Cruz: Democrats are trying to ‘muzzle’ free speech".

Your first warning should be that Ted Cruz is a "tea party" darling, as one article calls him, and they're the Koch brother's plaything [1,2]. Your second should be that he's married to a Goldman Sachs executive [3]. Goldman Sachs makes money hiking up the prices of basic foodstuffs around the world, profiting while people literally starve [4], as well as taking incredible amounts of taxpayer dollars in "government shut-downs" [5]. They've also managed to install their people into several EU banking organizations following the EU crash as well as installing their people for a time as actual Prime Ministers in Italy and Greece [6] which banksters engineered in the first place [7]. Then, Ted leads the last so-called "government shut-down" unless his demands are met [8]. Smash-and-grab, smoke and mirrors. Disaster capitalism!

After about five minutes of searching I've learned the facts: Democrats have signed Senator Udall's bill to end the Koch brother's "citizens united" ruling (a ruling which allows significantly greater corporate spending on elections etc., literally ending "one person, one vote" and making dollars into actual speech). Those with the most money can be the loudest and most repetitive in media.

Ted Cruz is calling this a literal attack upon the 1st Amendment, upon free speech as an absolute. He of course actually means the claimed rights of corporations and the rich to dominate elections and to own government. I wanted to read Ted's op-ed on the subject but it's at the Wall Street Journal (AHEM) website, and you can't read it if you don't pay. Which I suppose perfectly details the entire situation. Some things are evidently only for some people, and you're not one of them.

Republicans must completely depend upon people to take them literally and to NOT do any research on their own, to ever question what they're being fed! Even good, decent people who don't take a minute to search out the details may be misled. And if that misleading voice can pay to become ever louder...



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"Goldman got $1.6 billion in tax free financing for its new massive headquarters through Liberty Bonds."

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