Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why republicans don't attack democrats over wall street, income inequality

What I find extremely interesting, which helps reveal that much of the partisan rancor is little more than pre-planned, distractionary theatre, is that if they wanted to go after Hillary Clinton or Obama, all they'd have to do is point out the astonishing depth of connection both have to Goldman Sachs, for example (Obama's "Staff" and the Clinton's "Foundation", son-in-law, Hillary's $800K in speaking fees thus far, etc.) They could point out the 470X income inequality between record low worker's wages and CEOs and their bonuses, how Obama protects Wall Street from investigation and prosecution, and much more regarding the sick economic sector...but then they, as accusers, would be in the same spotlight and =their own= direct ties to Wall Street would then be up for exploitation, such as Ted Cruz of the "Government shut-down" being married to a GS VP...and Goldman Sachs got over $1 billion in an earlier "shut-down", the "Fiscal cliff" scam...they all serve the same masters, so see the partisan bickering as what it truly is...theatre to distract from anyone paying attention to all of their actual masters and their masters' actions and agenda.