Friday, March 20, 2015

A few more reasons to distrust Obama

Dissent is patriotic. Blind faith is for children and groups who cannot withstand scrutiny (and know fully well they cannot withstand scrutiny, so they demand blind faith).

NOW. Google what I'm about to post because it's all true. Some of what I'm posting are article headlines, to make things easier to find. Especially if you either do not know these things or even worse, disbelieve these clear, easily second-sourceable facts.

Under Obama, the US has fallen to 49th in press freedoms. PFC Manning is in jail for revealing Bush's war crimes. Edward Snowden had to flee the country to reveal NSA spying upon Americans and the world. Obama reversed NSA restrictions in 2011 and in 2013 went on Leno to say "There is no spying upon Americans". He recently reversed more NSA restrictions in the "CRomnibus" bill. He stated that his administration would be amazingly open and transparent and just this week declared that the white house doesn't have to grant FOIA requests. Obama is executing civilians via drone in 8 or 9 countries with whom we are not at war, with neither trial nor representation. He extended Bush's "patriot act". Only a couple of days after NSA spying was allowed to expire, Obama sent lawyers to reinstate it. He signed 82% of Bush's tax cuts for the rich into permanence in the "fiscal cliff' bill. He's extended Bush's Iraq and Afghanistan invasions. He's extending Bush's plans in the middle east (Syria being an main Bush target heard via General Wesley Clark's youtube speech "seven countries in five years"). In 2013 Obama said we must bomb Syria because chemical weapons. In 2014 Obama said we must bomb Syria because ISIS. He bombed Libya without Congressional approval, an act both he and Biden called UnConstitutional when Bush threatened to do it. He's also bombed in Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia. More countries than Bush. Hillary Clinton's state department brought in 3/4 of the world's arms deals with $100 billion in weapons sales to the Saudis alone, who behead twice as many people a year than ISIS.

Obama just attained a classic aspect of the cautionary tale "1984": Permanent war status.

He can bomb anywhere he says ISIS are. Anywhere. What person in the history of the planet has ever had the power to kill anyone anywhere he wants?


We are experiencing record income inequality under Obama and it's partly because he's helped protect wall street from either investigation or prosecution for their 2008 smash-and-grab involving an estimated $16 trillion dollars. Obama handed over more than $12 trillion of that amount. 95% of new monies generated since then have gone to the 1%. The jobs market has moved to low-paying, part-time jobs. Poverty in America has risen startlingly. There is $1 trillion in student loan debt he has done nothing to change; read Matt Taibbi's articles in Rolling Stone on student loan debt and more. We are experiencing record corporate profits and record low worker's wages. The 5% unemployment statistic is a lie. If you know anything about Obama's corporate-authored TPP, you'll know it's NAFTA on steroids and US jobs will be heading overseas in droves, much less the astonishing empowerment to corporate rights...medication costs will skyrocket.

There is an illegal foreclosure engine in the US, with wall street's blackstone group doing bulk purchases from the banks. Search foreclosure double tracking and foreclosure robo-signing.

There is PLENTY of warranted horror through which to question Obama, much less prosecute. I haven't even mentioned his thrice signing the NDAA section 1021 which through lacking specific wording prohibiting it, provides for the indefinite detention of US citizens with neither trial nor representation (and he sent lawyers to overturn an "unConstitutional" ruling granted to Chris Hedges in Hedges v. Obama). Another recent NDAA crippled the Smith-Mundt act, which prevented the use of literal propaganda against US citizens by the government.

Or his allowing or ordering the militarization and nationalization of police departments through the DHS and bill 1033, which has to be against Posse Commitatus. And either ordering or allowing DHS to seize your personal electronics on a "hunch" anywhere along the border and up to 100 miles inland, smashing the 4th Amendment?

His reaction to the Torture Report of Bush's war crimes? He said "We tortured some folks". Not "We will open an investigation into Bush's war crimes." He said when he entered office he'd scrutinize Bush's legislation and overturn anything unConstitutional. And he lets them WALK despite a torture report indicating actual human experimentation.

Hate Bush? You should. So why does Obama go to such lengths to help the Bush disaster family? And why do democrats not give a shit that Obama completely allows him and Cheney to walk despite having handy a TORTURE REPORT?

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