Saturday, July 25, 2015

Black Lives Matter and the democrats


Guest blogger, Triniti Wallace.

Damn, calling out Black Lives Matter as vying for positions in the Democratic party.

Such a tremendous platform and ALL these capitalists have to do is "affirm" Black lives are important?? No liberation, end police brutality, no support for murdered LGBTQ people's no ECONOMIC LIBERATION?

Psht. Sounds like something Obama would say.


I had to come back on this from discussing this with my sister. Thank you for the empathy and wisdom.

This movement is a BEGINNING. As well as a CONTINUUM. We should demand our leadership affirm Black lives AND MORE.

Also these few people making jell-o pudding "demands" are not the only representatives of ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ . Those of us who desire revolution and liberation have a task of sharing this movement.

It's important to INVITE people. Calling out the bullies comes with supporting the survivors.

In order to invite and organize the oppressed and working class we MUST oppose the bosses and people, collectives, organizations and whomever; that uses our LANGUAGE of revolution to seduce us back to the submission of capitalism.

It's important to support # Black Lives Matter but I oppose the Democrats, Republicans and ANY capitalist parties. They will never be in the interest of Black lives. The capitalist parties $upport individual Black pocket$ and once a year our collective vote$ but NO NOT our lives.

We stand with organizations around the WORLD who affirm Black lives in deed and action, in poverty for free universal health care for free for the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, without shaming our gender or who we love or fuck our how short our skirts swish.

I read once from Pan y Rosas the Democratic Party influence in the labor bureaucracy leads us on the road to defeat because it's "progressive" stance NEVER QUESTIONS CAPITAL. That's the ceiling. Not touching.

The Democrats will NEVER blame the rich. Just individual rich people. Siding with them means 1 guy goes to jail and they pat themselves on the back for being peaceful, for serving justice.

The Democrats aren't serving justice they are helping themselves to capitalists dollars through the hopeful resilience of the working class and oppressed.

I have to remind myself not to be so quick to let my frustration of capitalism focus on the ideas of the minority within the BLACK LIVES MATTER movt.

I'm sorry comrades. That is my mistake. I will continue to support the revolutionary current within this burgeoning movt. And though I'm limited I will continue to be vocal.

Support Black Lives. Break from the capitalist parties.


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