Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Interim word on Skid Row: The poor now have no safe direction.

There used to be homeless encampments along the fence at Grand and Olive beneath the freeway. Those are now gone.

Today in South LA I heard a cop tell four men who were sitting on the sidewalk that they had to leave.

An order has been given somewhere. A new policy is in place. We need to make it public, and reveal who is behind it (CCA).

A new pogrom of torment for the weak and poor has begun.  The poor now have no safe direction and the rich will rake in ever more dollars. Making the city something for themselves only, and those who can afford their wares. This was their goal all along, hidden behind a health department investigation uesd to demonize the homeless while CCA themselves had stopped providing their contracted cleaning services in that area...and a new "cleaning" of human beings will shortly begin. I pity your karma.

Harsh Skid Row policies driven by business lobby, say advocates


Carol Schatz of the CCA said in 2004:

"We have a very specific agenda related to homelessness."

"So, what stands in the way of realizing these aspirations over the next year or two?"