Saturday, June 23, 2012

Occupy Skid Row, Evicted and Re-Occupied!

Update, June 25: General TC Alexander, seen in the second video, was arrested today for 56.11 which is some nonsense like you have to keep your property moving at all times between 6AM and 9PM. Just before this, the fire department gent seen here and thanked for rescuing the bikes, came by to apparently secretly video us while asking questions about some of our favorite police officers. (The phone/camera was in his belt, mostly aiming at TC and myself.) They are desperate to build cases against us through any means.This also shows that they read this blog, among other things. Send in the guy who got the smile. Who did nothing else, just came by, stood and asked questions, and left. Way to build trust, way to build positive relationships.


June 22, 2012.

The CCA ceased performing their contracted street sweeping, power washing, and garbage collection duties (contracted by the city, I am told) sometime around mid-May. This is around the time the health department were going around Skid Row seeking any and all health violations. Occupy Skid Row took care of their zone as they always do. The resulting Health Department report did not include the Occupied block.

Oddly (or not), the County were asked to power wash the street (as opposed to the city, who have an injunction against removing personal property). As expected, it was a ruse to clear the street. Everyone was told they could not return to where they'd been and also could not stay in the spot to which they'd temporarily moved. Considering that the next few streets in the area had also been cleared and the locals warned to not return (and they hadn't), it was decided to re-Occupy. Police of course arrived and bullied.

Again, "odd" how with a report requesting immediate action on feces, rats and needles, oh my, that CCA first go after Occupy Skid Row. Leaving unresolved the very health hazards about which they most loudly complain. 

The video tells it:

They are told they cannot go back in and retrieve all of their property. A blatant attempt to destroy Occupy Skid Row. Video by David Dang.

Police intimidate and lecture and threaten arrest, marching everyone off the block. Video by Patti Beers.

Or, "Operation Clean Sweep", regarding people. Photo by Damon D'Amato:


GEDC0196 s

GEDC0219 s

Photo by Damon:


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GEDC0280 s

Photo by Damon:


THANKS to the Fire Department gent who rescued the bikes!

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GEDC0295 s

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Photo by Damon:


Thank you Noticias 22!

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Thanks Mr. D!

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Photo by Damon:


From the Health Department report, cut and pasted into small documents, no other editing excepting cropping and the highlight.

It is interesting to note that the OSR block is outside of the report's mandate. It is also interesting that there is nothing in it even remotely suggesting that the locals be made to permanently leave, or to be inconvenienced so badly they'd have to leave, through not being able to be still for a single moment during the day or face arrest. And of course the cops didn't say where we were expected to go, but it is certainly implied.

Skid Row Findings

Skid Row NOV Directives

Skid Row Recommendations

SRO housing have not taken any applications for the first five months of this year.

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