Friday, October 11, 2013

I for one do not welcome our new "austerity" overlords

So finally, here is the "austerity" about which I've been screaming for years that they'd implement in America after having used Europe as a proving ground. It consists of defunding and cancelling government services for the poor while continuing to pay themselves and generate handouts to big business as usual. Most important are the further cuts to social programs for the poor which are destined to come under the explanation "there's no money" so we have to cut services further (and usually re-route those monies into their own pockets).

Such self-sustaining services as the Post Office and Social Security are under attack because of 1% desires to privatize and steal. This has been the long-term plan.

Signs and trends to note: No cuts to bailouts and the rich, further cuts to the poor, claims of no money, deaths and unrest amongst the poor. This is the sadism of the 1%, who =want= another populist uprising in order to flip the surveillance state over into the police state it was always intended to become (Trojan Horse ploy).

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