Thursday, October 3, 2013

The next populist uprising

I've seen it over and over on Occupy and related actions and marches: those targeted for protest call the police or sheriffs, who come and only see a problem to be solved, disorder, non-compliance. They know nothing of the =reason= for the protest, and care nothing for the reason. They're ordered not to listen to explanations. It's all an adrenaline rush to them and a "job well done" following orders. Orders which in extremis give us Kent State. And thanks to obedient, unquestioning police and sheriffs (and Feds), the target of protest (Constitutional 1st Amendment freedoms here) remains untouched and business as usual continues.

The majority of those who marched with Occupy will already know this. Those who have been marching for years long since understand this. This is a facet of "the machine", the socio-economic engine rigged to benefit the rich and powerful.

In the event of a new populist uprising, which is indeed building in this and other countries due to increasing and expanding income and opportunity inequality, the surveillance state can reveal its police state flip side, one fully intended by those who installed the surveillance state in the first place to protect their empire building from those actually living within the empire. They WANT a reason to reveal and enable the police state (which would not fully appear as a typical police state; they have been installing Fascism in increments to lessen the appearance of Fascism, having studied history to learn from previous mistakes and successes).

How may we resist and overcome without triggering their violence engine and further justifications of violence and laws against freedom?

Climate change drives this point further home as food prices will continue to increase. The Bush war debt of trillions of dollars will be used (as fully intended) to force "austerity" upon us as has been done in Europe to vast profit. The very rich are behind the "government shutdown" and it shows their growing power in the political process, which they have effectively hijacked from the people of this country. This is another driving force for uprising. It is inevitable. How will we do so to OUR best benefit, we, the people of this country? Never forget, the root of the word "Democracy" is "The will and the voice of the People". This is OUR country, not of and for the Plutonomy.