Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Democrat Mayors Attacked Occupy Wall Street

This document is under development. It is very difficult to revisit this violence. Fuck the republicans and democrats who only answer to the 1%, who told them to attack us.


Note that in Oakland, "progressive democrat" Jean Quan was told by her local 1% to end the encampment. Here in LA, it is easy enough to believe CCA, among others, blew the whistle against us. 

"The Oakland Metro Chamber of Commerce has been quite vocal with their mantra of 'OCCUPY OAKLAND ENCAMPMENT MUST GO! OCCUPY OAKLAND ENCAMPMENT MUST GO! OCCUPY OAKLAND ENCAMPMENT MUST GO!' as they twist the arms of elected officials and try to engender popular support for their position. Now today, the Lake Merritt/Uptown District (business) Association, claiming to be a part of the '99%', has piled on, delivering a letter to the Mayor calling for 'forceful action' to end the 'social experimentation' of Occupy Oakland."

Lake Merritt/Uptown District Association calls on Mayor to forcefully end Occupy Oakland

Coming: Jeremy Hammond's Stratfor revelations of corporate spying, sharing our info; tie this to the dems taking orders.

Dallas: Mike Rawlings, a prominent opponent of domestic violence.

Video: As it happened, the raid on Occupy Dallas


Houston: Annise Parker, openly gay.

Houston Tent

Occupy Houston

Berkeley California: Tom Bates

Los Angeles: Antonio Villaraigosa, who opened the DNC in 2012.



Eat The Rich

This camp is a big problem.

Quote him on peaceful removal with pic of less-lethal shotgun pointed directly into tent, Patrick's blog

"When the end came, it came swiftly and with the shock of an overwhelming force." HERE

OLA Protecting and Serving the 1%
LAPD Evicting the protesters

OLA B & 1st guns

OLA Singers

OLA Riot cops 3


KTLA Port 3

Occupy LA F9
LA Times photographer

Cop grabs Occupier without warning while he's looking the other way

Less-lethal shotgut Occupy LA B of A BofA

Occupy LA Baton to breast 2
Cop butting a woman's breast with his baton

M1GS Waste of taxpayer money

M1GS baton cop by William Camargo
William Camargo

GEDC0241 s

Occupy LA Shotgun Picnics f


LAPD raid on Occupy Main Street 5 25 2012
LAPD attack Occupy Main Street, downtown


Chalkwalk before the riot police
Chalkwalk before riot police

Chalkwalk Ch7 crops out rubber bullet injury

Chalk walk rubber bullets by Todd Blose

Beck and Villain video on chalk

Chalkupy Fresh Juice Party Pershing Square

Glorious Chalkupy in defiance of LAPD and Mayor Villaraigosa, by Fresh Juice pARTy!

Oakland: "Progressive democrat" Jean Quan.

Riot Gear

Occupy Oakland
AP, Noah Berger

Attacks upon Occupy Oakland are so bad they get a complete article:

Oakland officials caught in lies about attacking Occupy

Portland: Samuel Adams, openly gay and gay rights activist, activist for sustainability and the arts. HERE

Occupy Pepper Spray Suit
AP Photo/The Oregonian, Randy L. Rasmussen

occupy portland Steve Dipaola Reuters
occupy portland Steve Dipaola Reuters

Occupy Portland

Occupy Portland

Phoenix: Phil Gordon


Denver: Michael Hancock, African-American

Occupy Denver, Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post
Occupy Denver, Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post



Chicago: Rahm Emmanuel

San Francisco: Edwin Lee

Occupy-takes-over-bank-in-San-Francisco_UPI_Terry Schmitt
UPI_Terry Schmitt

OSF Cops are turncoat traitors against the Constitution

Louisville Kentucky: Greg Fischer

Occupy Louisville march

Philadelphia: Michael Nutter


Police brutality at Occupy Philly
Occupy National Gathering, photo by Spiritualution

Boston: Thomas Menino

Cop choking Occupy Boston 4 15 2012

OB Wedding
Wedding at Occupy Boston

Occupy Boston Marine

O Boston Sink


Washington, D.C. : Vincent C. Gray

Occupy K Street DC Protesters lay down blocking street
Occupy K Street

Seattle: Mike McGinn "won the election in November 2009 with the support of groups considered to be "political outsiders" such as environmentalists, biking advocates, musicians, advocates for the poor, nightclub owners, and younger voters." HERE

Famous photo of line of cops spraying young woman in the face. Also older woman activist (Dorli Rainey).


Occupy Seattle Josh Trujillo 1
Joshua Trujillo,

Occupy Seattle Josh Trujillo 2
84 year-old Dorli Rainey, pepper-sprayed by Seattle PD. Joshua Trujillo,

Rev. John Helmiere after meeting Seattle PD.
Rev. John Helmiere after meeting Seattle PD.

-Los Angeles (chalk, CCA and chalk arrests at occupation, chalkwalk article link, Beck/Villain video)

Shutting up and shutting down OccupyLA and Occupy Skid Row.

University of California, Davis.

UC Davis 11 21 2011

Photos of robocops at DNC and RNC.

We get up early to BEAT the crowd

DNC huge line of bike cops by Jenna Pope
DNC by Jenna Pope

DNC Angry cops with batons by Jenna Pope
DNC by Jenna Pope

DNC Cops pushing protesters by Jenna Pope
DNC by Jenna Pope

DNC Ludicrous amount of cops by Jenna Pope
DNC by Jenna Pope


DNC UndocuBus 10 members arrested
Undocumented protesters petitioning Obama are arrested at the DNC

DNC march September 2
DNC march, police lines along both sides.

In contrast (AHEM), the RNC. 

RNC Wearechange Riot Police line
Photo by WeAreChange

RNC Timcast Riot Police line
RNC by Timcast

RNC Jenna Pope intersection full of cops
RNC by Jenna Pope

OWS NYTimes Lie

Solidarity against European austerity

Church of St Luke and St Matthew
Hurricane Sandy Relief effort by Occupy Sandy

Amber Lyon CNN

Walmart riot cops chi Oct 1
Cops attack Walmart strikers, Chicago, October 1. Photo by @daneyvilla. This is important because it was one of the first Walmart strikes. Walmart are expert at stopping strikes and unionizing.

Why Occupy Wall Street.jpg%20large
Do you see a single damn thing about democrats?


Occupy Bears Fruit
Do you see a single damn thing about democrats?

OWS Discover the power of refusal

Cop calls Occupy Ass Clowns; another hates when he can't arrest us.

Chicago No NATO protest, democrat Rahm Emmanuel, mayor

Chicago NATO 5 20 amazing march photo AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
Charles Rex Arbogast

Chicago NATO 5 20 E. Jason Wambsgans, Chicago Tribune smiling cop 583658597
E. Jason Wambsgans

Chicago NATO 5 20 Huge numbers of cops against the peaceful  Abel Uribe, Chicago Tribune
Arel Uribe, Chicago Tribune

Chicago NATO Helicopter view of cops attacking
Chicago No NATO protest

Chicago NATO My Kind of town Zach Stafford AtZQXNCCQAAGP5I
Chicago No NATO protest by Zach Stafford

Chicago NATO Cop throwing punch Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune
Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Chicago NATO Cop tearing at clothes AtZYcUiCAAEhpnX

Chicago NATO Horses shoving into the crowd
Horses shoving into the protesters

Chicago NATO police confrontation 930PM Richard Roeper
Richard Roeper

Joshua Lott Getty Images

Chicago NATO 5 20 Riot cops

Chicago NATO 5 19 arrests

Chicago NATO woman bloodied by cops

Chicago NATO 5 20 Bloodied protester

Chicago NATO This government does not represent us

GEDC0197 s

Peter King on Occupy


GEDC0286 s


GEDC0322 s

March 3rd Women's GA


GEDC0061 s

GEDC0154 s2


OSD and OLA and special guest

GEDC0023 s


GEDC0098 s
Mike Peake

Chump Change by Damon D'Amato
Damon  D'Amato