Friday, November 4, 2011

#Occupy and The Crab Bucket.

When you have a bucket nearly full of crabs, they will sit in it. If one begins to crawl out over the rim to freedom, several will reach out, grab it, and pull it back in.

This is why #Occupy is being ignored, maligned, and attacked. Those who are comfortable sitting at the bottom of the bucket are uncomfortable with anyone rising above. This is because they would then have to admit that the bucket is a trap and that they should do something, anything, to change their circumstance. And those in control who do not WISH for any change of circumstance which would to them be detrimental. Reach reach, tug tug tug. This also goes to corrupt Democrats who do not wish to be exposed. It even goes to those who do good work, but feel the rug beneath their feet, beginning to be pulled. This is why there is not a riot of Dems screaming to support #Occupy: they fear many things, especially a change in the (eco)system in which they thrive. Identify with #Occupy, and be exposed a hypocrite. Dennis Kucinich places the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and Democracy itself ABOVE existing systems, AS IT SHOULD BE.

Fuck the bucket.