Friday, November 4, 2011

#Occupy is about problem identification and solution. Oakland has been identified.

Evidently, Oakland has been a long-term problem regarding police brutality and perhaps racial profiling (I do not know personally). The fear and misguidance of their governing body and enforcement units show themselves as obsolete, as something incompatible with a happy, peaceful world. I ask for the Federal governing body who have been investigating the OPD since at least 2003 to immediately seize control, immediately fire everyone noted as a problem of any sort, re-arrange the infrastructure as appropriate, and to hire people with positive track records regarding relations and interactions with their fellows. Install a program teaching service, not violence.

With two peace-seeking US Veterans in the hospital with life-threatening wounds, with three separate attacks by multiple police agencies, with tear gas, rubber bullets, sting rounds, and flash bangs (most of which you have officially publicly denied in spite of physical and video evidence), this is the will of the people.