Friday, November 4, 2011

On Change and Crisis

Crisis: Two mutually exclusive directions coming into conflict.

Conflict is not required. #Occupy can peacefully obsolete the corrupt systems through sheer force of numbers/will. Note how much its presence has stirred up from that many of us having been brought to bear. It is about sheer force of will, combined with numbers. Add your peace, add your will for this to Change, to be better because it has to be, because we are sick of living like this, and we can force peaceful Change for the better. We outnumber them by an incredible amount, by an incredible percentage. You don't have to march, you don't have to camp, but you are asked to add your firm resolve, your determination, that we CAN solve our problems, that we DESERVE to live in a better world, that nothing but this makes any sense, and the issues will run away. You can already see it beginning. We are already winning. We deserve our better world!