Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bank of America: Despicable beyond Measure

In March 2012, Occupy Fights Foreclosures arrived at Dirma Rodriguez' home after her panic'd phone call to find her and her family and property put out on the street by Bank of America and a home flipper company. This includes Ingrid, a severely disabled 27 year-old who can neither speak nor care for herself.

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After two months of fighting to regain her home, including harassing phone calls from BofA after a page 2 LA Times article on this very family and foreclosure (April 13 2012), Occupy Fights Foreclosure discovered fraud in the foreclosure proceeding and forced Bank of America to return their home. The only home Ingrid has ever known, which was customized for her special needs. Among the customizations: Rose bushes all around the yard so that wherever Ingrid goes, she will encounter beauty.

Now, the Hernandez family of the San Fernando Valley in California have been struggling against Bank of America and associated agencies to keep their home, a struggle lasting over four years. Twenty-some days ago, after failing to get BofA and associated agencies to work with them or even reply, the Hernandez family found a notice to vacate on their property. Members of this family happen to be part of Occupy San Fernando Valley, and Occupations across Southern California including the always-solid Occupy Skid Row set up an occupation and a  barricade in front of the house against the inevitable sheriff's assault. (Sheriffs do what banks tell them to do. Sort of a private army, little changed from the days of the "wild west" and robber barons doing land grabs.) Since then, they have been reaching out to neighbors, building community, sharing food and the message of fighting for our homes. And gaining some media attention.

Last night, LAPD and Child Protective Services arrived unannounced at 12:04AM and asked to see the Hernandez children...!

There are obviously water and electricity in the home and the children are happy.

LAPD and CPS showed up again this afternoon so they are obviously intending to force this angle.

Children are not tools for foreclosure. They are not levers to force families into losing their homes. If BofA hate the bad publicity they are justifiably receiving, it is because they are doing things which should be publicly reviled, which demand such publicity. Kicking a victim of extreme cerebral palsy onto the street. Faking concern for the Hernandez children to steal their home. So you can sell foreclosed homes in bulk...

Bank of America, you should be ended. You are despicable beyond measure.


Photo: Dirma and her family with members of Occupy Fights Foreclosures.


A Widowed Mother of a Severely Disabled Daughter gets her home back from BofA Thanks to Occupiers

LOS ANGELES — Occupy Fights Foreclosures (OFF), a subcommittee of Occupy Los Angeles, successfully won the home back of a Los Angeles homeowner whose home, they say, Bank of America fraudulently foreclosed on and sold, even after dutiful payments on a temporary loan modification for over a year.

Earlier this week, Bank of America rescinded the sale and foreclosure of Dirma Rodriguez' West Adams home — the title is now appropriately back in Ms. Rodriquez's name. BofA assured Ms. Rodriquez— a widowed mother—and her family which includes a severely disabled daughter with toxoplasmosis cerebral palsy, they are now safe from any future threat of eviction.


BofA launches 2nd round of bulk foreclosure sales

For the second time in five months, Bank of America is tapping the red-hot market for foreclosed homes by seeking bids on a bulk offering of several hundred single-family homes.

Over the past several weeks, the nation’s second-largest bank by assets has solicited bids for a bulk deal that includes up to 500 largely vacant single-family homes, some of which BofA acquired after its merger with Countrywide Financial, according to several sources within the real estate and mortgage sectors. Countrywide was one of the largest subprime lenders in the United States.

The bulk deal, which includes foreclosed homes in California, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania and Georgia, is one of the biggest block offerings of foreclosed homes ever done by a bank, these sources say. 



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From the above link; needs to be here because it is despicable:

Beloved DC Pastor Fights Eviction; Occupy Our Homes DC Pressing Bank of America for Justice


While Rev. Michael Vanzant was in the hospital recovering from a minor stroke brought on by
Bank of America's plans to evict him, we foreclosed on BofA's DC Home Loan office while also asking supporters to shut down their phone lines. We were successful on both fronts. That same day, BofA called Rev. Vanzant in the hospital to set up a call to discuss solutions. Once that discussion began, though, it became clear that they hadn't quite heard us. Rev Vanzant was offered more money to move out of his home in a gentrifying area of NE DC. He is not interested, though we are all pleased that we've made it onto their radar.

We are asking you to take a moment to call the DC Home Loan office and let them know that this isn't about money - this is about keeping communities intact. Please call and demand they work with Rev. Vanzant on a modification - he is not leaving.

Bank of America
Home Loan office - DC - 202-797-4940 


Fort Hernandez