Saturday, September 29, 2012

S25, 26, and S29 Madrid, Lisbon, etc. Video

Video archive Must watch for the real story on unfolding

Crossauldwan ‏@Crossauldwan

WATCH THIS AND SHOW SOLIDARITY! @JFTAXI: Its very hard to watch this video from the streets of Madrid.

They were police provocateurs buddy wake upp you see the same later in the video dragging off protesters.
The guys with the dark blue hoodies and red flags are provocateurs 0:06 same as 1:36 only here they drag protesters off to the van to get arested.
And they always in the front rows hitting the cops with the red flag pole to intice agression and give them an excuse to charge its all staged by the cops.
So the police did start the agression.

The next video of police brutality has been age-restricted on youtube. If it will not show up here, search youtube for

Movimiento 25 Septiembre cargas policiales
youtube channel:

Police Beat Young Teenage Girls At Madrid Spain #25s Protest

S25 Spain man paralyzed by riot cops

Michael ‏@_cypherpunks_

Madrid Protests: Police Admit 'Secret' Agents But Deny Provocation (PHOTOS) #25s #26s … 

26s infiltrados de la policia "coño que soy compañero"

Occupy NZ @OccupyNZ

Undercover cop accidentally beaten up by his colleagues. #Madrid #26S #S26

#S29 Street report from Madrid, Spain

Video streaming by Ustream

S29 crowd and speakers in Lisbon:


S29 Poland

Lisbon, Portugal:

S29 Lisbon


S29 Surround the congress madrid

S29 Madrid sit down at end of protest

Spain reels at violent tactics by riot police

Jayron @Jayron26

PD beat the sh*t out of comrades and leave the remains in the street like meat.  #OO #Watch29S #OWS #OCHI #OSF #29S

Spain infiltrators