Sunday, September 2, 2012

Time to abandon a system which won't be changed

and to live off the grid.

That feeling of frustration is a desire to live in a manner not supported by the system yet shown to be desirous: the camps. To live together, to work together, to struggle together, to make things work and to be confused together as things are figured out. By ourselves and each other, for ourselves and each other.

This of course is no easy undertaking. I propose "an Amish barn-raising", in which a community must build the micro-housing for every member, care for and supply every member, and figure out how every member may contribute as they are capable/willing/interested.

Two things occur: The existing system will seek to destroy this challenge as it has demonstrated is its wont. Secondly, it is as successful as the combination of people, location, resources, problem-solving, and willingness/drive are involved.

Hippy commune? GREAT! Hippy cult leaders? Well, they're going say so and use whatever means available to injure and prevent it. So lawyer the fuck up and have people in the nearest city deflecting the hell out of any evil intent against you. Because they cannot bear competition; they cannot bear anyone showing to others who may leave and/or demand it, that there is a better way.

The best way to be ignored is to be far, far away from that which would be threatened. The problems there are accessing supplies and skills not present at the site. Another problem is proportionate vulnerability to those who would interfere; the need to be able to solve such problems, without drawing down external interference.


Let this inspire you right away:

The Genius Way To Farm Huge Amounts Of Food Right Inside The City 


Legally-acquired land (take into account local temperatures in flux so as not to be rained out, snowed out, in terms of both physical need and food-growing/storing ability.

Knowledge and ability to maintain and/or establish ground water wells. What are the geophysics of the area? Deep wells can be expensive. Will your area freeze during the winter? How to keep water moving during a freeze. 

Skillsets involving food-growing/preserving/storage/serving.

Skillsets involving living with the land. Local 1st Nation members may be willing to teach us younger brothers and sisters their skills and way of living and overall wisdom.

Knowledge and books regarding living in small group dynamics (including the psychology of small group dynamics), problem resolution, etc.

Medical skills, general medical training for the group, perishable medical supplies; knowledge of your nearest supply centers and skill centers. 

Electrical skills and supplies regarding extracting and storing electricity. Solar, water and wind turbines, storage batteries. Solar-powered BBQs are available.

Connection to the internet.

The ability to protect yourselves from those who would interfere. This is perhaps the trickiest actual bit, as those most interested in your failure will use any excuse to sniff out "threats" to their system on whim. Local law enforcement can become suspicious as you well know. Be sure to be friendly and generous with locals; you need them on your side.

Know the local megafauna and microfauna. Beneficial plants and herbs? Dangerous snakes, spiders, wolves, etc.? How to keep them away/live in harmony with them? Does the area suffer from a history of spring flooding/flash flooding during storms? Etc.

The major issue beyond finding and permanently securing viable ground is climate change. It is real, it is here, and is currently manifesting in a 10% jump in food prices as 50+ percent of the US lies in emergency-level drought conditions. Today's LA Times has a story on how the Mississippi river is again being tricky due to drought, and if grain and corn shipments cannot be brought to market within 10 days, they will begin to spoil and we'll witness another jump in prices.

This is exacerbated through food commodities trading, mis-use of farmland for corn products, lobbying etc. All this will become increasingly visible as food stocks evaporate. Will they be able to get their greedy ass shit together and solve these problems? Depends upon the greedy and the need of the people. I for one believe you will have to be able to take care of yourselves completely.

Another tragic winter, early frost or continuing drought, will bring these issues well into the general public by this time next year. If you are set up near cities dependent upon the importation of foodstuffs, you may be increasingly subject to requests for membership to an unsustainable point, as well as a point where requests are no longer polite. Know your area and set up your initial shop accordingly.


I've been attempting to collect some general knowledge regarding all of this at my facebook group, "Occupy Climate Change".

I don't know poops about how to do any of this. But I think a lot, and I most certainly witness the Trends and speak to planning against them. There are people who know how to do this; there are people who are doing this, and they can help. Get the help and go! And obvious disclaimer: There is incredible room for terrible error involved in this. Do this entirely upon your own responsibility and awareness of responsibility. I am not responsible for anyone irresponsible. This will be HARD but it can be done.