Thursday, March 22, 2012

M22, Occupy Long Beach occupies a foreclosure

Occupy Long Beach and members of Occupy Los Angeles and Occupy Skid Row have occupied a fraudulent foreclosure care of our good friends Wells Fargo. There is a media table, livestreaming, food and supplies, and several beautiful tents.

A detail has been discovered which may turn the tide on this foreclosure. Tomorrow is a court date...

Update, March 26:

"Rachel lost at court today, the cops can come any minute now and kick her out. We need AS MANY people here as possible! Please come out and help us save this home!"

Update, April 10:

OLB Rachel's home sheriffs


The view across the smoggy basin shows a snow-capped mountain:

GEDC1283 s

GEDC1295 s

GEDC1293 s

GEDC1284 s

GEDC1286 s

GEDC1289 s

GEDC1296 s


GEDC1290 s

DIY cellphone charger:

GEDC1298 s

Los Angeles City Hall, so very small:

GEDC1309 s City Hall, so small.