Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 3rd Occupy Los Angeles Women's General Assembly

Just a few photos because I thought they came out well. OLA Media were there so I look forward to their excellent work! Click twice on any photo to see a large version. To download, click again on the "All Sizes" text. Click your browser's Back button to return.

General Assembly for Women and Women's Allies!

GAs are now at Pershing Square. There are several homeless living throughout the block.

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A photo from early in the evening; the number doubled during the actual GA:

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Three spaces were created, Yes, Maybe, and No. Questions were asked regarding gender, entitlement, experience, etc. and we all moved to the area best answering for us, individually, each question. For myself, the troubling answers were all from the past. Working, working...

GEDC0221 s

To quote Beavis: "Uh, that was...other kids."

GEDC0228 s

The speakers were all powerful, the questions insightful, the mood loving and wonderful. Please, let's do it again soon!

March 3rd Women's GA

Livestream by CrossXBones!

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