Wednesday, March 7, 2012

M6, Occupying Blanca's former home

Update, July 3rd: Blanca is back in town! Congratulations to her, her family, and Occupy Fights Foreclosures!

Video by Telemundo 52:


A press conference, march, and candle-light vigil were planned regarding the foreclosure of the Cardenas' home, and the subsequent deportation of the wife and nursing mother, Blanca.

Much more was to occur.

Here is the all-important backstory.

Thinkpress have also picked up the story:

Uprising radio's story about and before this action:

"The Superior Court of Los Angeles is suing Bank of America to the tune of $500 million based on a stock pile of cases where homes appeared to be foreclosed illegally by the company. Consequently, in the middle of the demonstrations, MarroquĂ­n pleaded to anyone with open ears to withdraw all of their money from Bank of America, to show their displeasure with the company’s actions."

A general story on foreclosure fraud,

The Great Swindle: How to Stomach Knowing the Banks Are Stealing a Nation’s Worth of Homes, One Home at a Time

Link to the action page for M6:

KTLA aired a story at 10:07PM, video at the bottom of the page:,0,1311224.story

And Univision 34 at 11PM:

I recorded much video and am attempting to learn the editor so please check back (if I am successful). Occupy San Fernando Valley have an excellent video I will substitute if I fail.

This is their house. No tresspassing, eviction notice in the window:

GEDC0241 s

The gate is locked on the inside.

GEDC0249 s

GEDC0250 s

GEDC0255 s

Michelle Shocked, an OLA regular, plays original music about the deportation and protest songs as well:

GEDC0267 d

GEDC0275 s

After gathering at the home, we marched around the block:

GEDC0286 s

GEDC0287 s

GEDC0293 s

There was plenty of support from passers-by:

GEDC0294 s

GEDC0299 s

Occupy San Fernando Valley on the job:

GEDC0300 s

GEDC0322 s

GEDC0324 s

The tents are here!

GEDC0302 s

GEDC0336 s

GEDC0338 s

GEDC0344 s

Blanca's husband, Mr. Quinones talking with a reporter:

GEDC0350 s

After the march and press conference, the lock suffered a wardrobe malfunction and the home became occupied.

GEDC0364 s

Blanca's family had no choice but to salvage their children's diapers, medication, and other items stolen by the bank.

GEDC0370 s

GEDC0375 s

Somehow, these guys showed up.

GEDC0394 s

A note to police: When we say we are a leaderless movement, it is true. It is not a rebuff. When you wish to communicate with us, seriously, you can shout Mic Check twice, while pausing between for responses. All of our voices are equal, and the Human Mic not only assures that we can all hear each other, but that all are heard. And accountable as well.  It is a form of Democracy, it is a form of inclusion, it is a form of Community. And it also creates transparency, wherein all can hear important information, so all may contribute to subsequent decisions. If something is happening, we all wish to know of it so that we may have a say. If you wish to speak with us, it is literally with "us" all. Yes, a group may suddenly Mic Check and decide to break away from the original group to take autonomous action, and this makes it difficult to manage, but it is Democracy. It also thankfully obsoletes bureaucracy! It may seem awkward, it may seem weird, it can take getting used to, but as when you make an effort to speak the native language of a country when visiting, it pleases those who see that you are making an effort to approach them on their terms, respecting their way of life. If you do not know that language, and if the other expects you to, it can be unfair, so I am attempting to provide some insight.

The captain agrees to allow the family ten minutes. Without discussion, he actually allows some 25 to pass.

GEDC0401 s

GEDC0404 s

GEDC0397 s

Mr. Quinones last interview of the night in Spanish, then translated into English, plus the LAPD Captain.

Slideshow of all of my photos from today, more than appear here:

A march is planned for the morning of the 11th to protest Blanca's deportation.