Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A17, Global Day of Action: Military Spending (Los Angeles)

"GDAMS"! Occupy the military-industrial complex! Over half of our tax dollars go to military spending upon the convenient endless war budget. Occupy!

PeteyKVideo presents a far more professional alternative :)

Code Pink speak:

Freedom's livestream:

CrossXbones livestream, part 1:

There are more segments on his page. 

Nowhere Man's photos:

Allan Eaton's:

Photos by deniZ:

GEDC1647 Crop s

Our lovely NGL observer...

GEDC1651 Crop s

GEDC1653 Crop s

A gent visiting from Ireland, a region beginning with Kad...? I'm sorry, I should have written it down. I know better than this... Welcome regardless, peace! Solidarity to all Irish Occupations! He tells that police are even more violent in the EU than here...

GEDC1655 s

Undercovers were quick to appear; deniZ has a photo where you can see their badges, on their belts, otherwise covered by their suit coats. Gotta be Feds:

GEDC1661 s

As were sheriffs and El Segundo police. I have a pic of them recording us.

GEDC1669 s

GEDC1682 s

Nigel, featured today because he is moving back to England on M1:

GEDC1674 s

Do not mess with Momma Bear's two-sword technique:

GEDC1686 s

GEDC1689 s

A gentleman promoting a Bush-era classic, I've heard it is excellent, and of course still completely relevant:

GEDC1690 s

GEDC1692 s

CODE PINK! And Veterans for Peace!!

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GEDC1707 Crop s

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GEDC1726 s

GEDC1730 s

Raytheon and Boeing, just two of the war profiteers in the area:

GEDC1734 s

GEDC1741 s

GEDC1745 Crop s

We had moved from the meeting point onto the thoroughfare. There was plenty of support from passing motorists, and only one negative comment very late in the day:

GEDC1748 s

GEDC1749 Crop s

GEDC1752 s


GEDC1760 s

GEDC1762 s

Getting closer:

GEDC1764 s

GEDC1768 s

These corporations own multiple buildings in the area:

GEDC1773 s

GEDC1779 s

GEDC1796 s

GEDC1797 s

GEDC1800 s

GEDC1806 s

GEDC1809 Crop s

GEDC1810 s

Almost immediately after we arrived, guards swung shut the gates and chained them, as well as sending out personnel to record us:

GEDC1812 s

Although we let them know that we could easily be distracted if they sent an ice cream truck, they refrained and we settled for pizza. Thanks to the pizza people! And to those who brought the water as well!

Carbs, the bane of activists everywhere:

GEDC1811 Crop s

Late in the action, someone who drove by was pulled over by the cops and made to open his trunk. We weren't sure if they had honked at us in support or not (across the country, cops -have- stopped and ticketed drivers who honk in support of Occupy...creating new Occupiers...) so Occupiers went down to ask. First there was one cop, then three, then more still isn't certain what was the case.

GEDC1816 s

GEDC1817 s

A fine day!

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