Thursday, April 19, 2012

Know the enemy: "Homeland Security" and their masters

Why is the "department of homeland security" the enemy of US Citizens? It is one of the symptoms of the neocon revolution, the "project for a new American century" which brought us the planned Iraq invasion for oil, and the general plan to militarize the country internally against supposed external threat, which is only a power grab.

We have given up our right to privacy via the TSA's naked machine and sexual pat-downs of children and adults (sexual humiliation being a strong controlling force in the psyche). We have given up our expectation of free and private communication to Bush's illegal wiretaps of citizens. Soldiers have given their lives for oil and crony no-bid contracts. $99.00 for Halliburton to do a 15 pound bag of soldier's laundry? Really? Halliburton providing services to soldiers such as water? Blackwater acting as an army for hire with zero accountability?

Corporations with their own mercenary armies?! All on our tax dollar?

We know how this happened, we are witness to it. Giving up our freedom to stop a supposed threat. What has doing so accomplished? It has made some corporations and entrepreneurs very, very rich, and created a victim role for the American public. The victimizer is the US government and the corporations. Arms dealers who want new markets need new customers (law enforcement). This requires new laws (NDAA, NDRP, HR347, "patriot act", etc.) which not only create a class of terrorist within the American citizenry, but laws under which they may be punished. In corporate-owned for-profit prisons! Cheap labor, ahoy!

And breaking news, just today!

Obama Administration Writes Rights Out of New Indefinite Detention Law


Peter King

Peter King is the congressional overseer for "homeland security". Peter King hates Occupy. Those in power cannot afford the American citizenry standing up and doing things for themselves.

DHS have recently ordered four hundred fifty million rounds of hollow-point ammunition, which is more than one bullet for each and every US citizen. They have given free military gear to law enforcement departments. They have sold armored transports to law enforcement. Why? To strike fear in any who would dare to demand the power thieves remember the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. To shuffle around tremendous amounts of money. OUR money. Remember "Custer Battles"? The $8 BILLION which became lost in Iraq?

And most importantly, to create a national condition in which this can be endless, with them in permanent power behind the scenes.

Have you noted that the Bush family were once head of the CIA, and the CIA trained Osama Bin Laden to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan (and supplied him as well)? That the Bush CIA traded arms with Iran so they'd hold the American hostages until Americans were sick of Carter and elected Reagan (who gave Bush the vice-presidency)? And that Bush family friends OPEC agreed to a gas/oil embargo against President Carter, to make him look stupid and weak, hitting citizens in their pocketbook and personal convenience? And they gave weapons to Iraq, Iran's enemy? Then said Saddam was behind 9/11 and had drones which could drop chemical weapons on US soil? It all worked!

Note that Enron, major Bush2 friends and financial contributors, had closed-door meetings with Arnold Schwarzenneger before creating "rolling blackouts" and another energy embargo in the US, targeted against California, resulting in the ouster of the governor in a special recall election, and the installation of Schwarzeneggar? Same as they did with Carter and Reagan?

It works!

And I don't give a shit about how Ahnold spells his name! Not after what he and his masters did to California! Smash-and-grabs...

And now we learn that the "housing bubble" was part of a planned land grab by the banks so they could turn the country into a nation of renters...a nation of people who do not own homes (but the banks sure do).

They are, right now, as I type this, as you read this, acting to turn the country into a nation of dependents, with themselves as kings and queens, laughing and laughing and laughing at us.

Smash-and-grabs. Follow the money. And power. They are spitting on the Constitution and to that extent, are treasonous and enemies of the country. They used the "9/11!!" button to keep us scared. Now they're using the "Terrorist!!" button....against US. "You can make people do anything, if they're afraid..." (See "Fahrenheit 9/11" trailer below).

Is our government like a cult? 

Research the Dominionists and other cultists who have power behind the scenes, and who carry forward the Crusades against Islam to this day in a different form. And the government, through the "Terror!" button, seeks to cause us to cut ties with our foreign brothers and sisters, to forget they are our brothers and sisters. It is isolationist. The government has created a false army of enforcers within our borders (TSA, "DHS", etc.). It does use mind-control techniques, if you haven't checked what came out of the Bush era (using the words Saddam and 9/11 in the same sentence over and over, knowingly and willingly, to create in many the incorrect association), and far more...unite against the evil enemy, WE are your only hope...I've seen it before. The creation of fear and of dependence, all lies, all a power grab. Fear IS mind control. Fear is the government's religion, and it has taken over the country.

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