Sunday, April 22, 2012

On "the 99% spring" and democrats are only concerned about re-electing Obama. In the end, there will be a call to vote, making 99% Spring "astroturf" instead of grass-roots, making it no better than the democrat's "tea party". AND it uses Occupy Wall Street terminology and imagery without mentioning that it is NOT OWS (Those are OWS people and signs in the below 99% Spring image). OWS are a leaderless movement of horizontal democratic participation. 99% Spring spoon-feeds its people. Occupy decide together. Occupy may have members who will vote for certain candidates, but as a whole, OWS firmly eschews political parties and politicians to remain free of a system harming us all, to address the problems from the outside, from where the people may create real solutions not dependent upon the existing system.

I was a "democrat" for years, but Obama has used terrorist tactics: Killing US citizens suspected of terrorist ties, killing civilians with drones in Pakistan, signing the NDAA, NDRP, HR347, extending the "patriot act", strengthening the monstrous DHS, who for some reason have just purchased 450,000,000 rounds of hollow-point ammunition, and noting Peter King, the congressional overseer for DHS, HATES Occupy. And the DHS, using the secret service, FBI, and local law enforcement, used a government mandate to organize mayors and police forces against Occupy. There was an 18-mayor conference call against Occupy, leaked by "progressive democrat" Jean Quan in Oakland. Note that aside from Bloomberg who is an independent, the majority of the worst police brutality against Occupy occurs and continues to occur in cities with Democratic mayors. There have been 6,900+ Occupiers arrested and brutalized for using our 1st Amendment rights over a six-month period and counting, with the only government response being to organize cities and police departments against us.

The 1% are pressuring democrats and republicans alike to eliminate Occupy. And democrats are going along. They are owned and are a danger to the Constitution and the citizens of this country.

The 1% are using banks to illegally foreclose upon millions of American homeowners, and Wall Street are buying up those homes, and renting them back to us. What is being done to stop this? Dread silence.... 

Obama takes PAC monies (against previous promises), takes money from Goldman Sachs and Wall Street (more Wall Street monies than Romney), appoints Monsanto personnel to government jobs. Does not stop BofA and Wells Fargo from continuing to do robo-signing of illegal foreclosures, does not punish them. Helped bail them out, IIRC. Obama does nothing about our having half our tax dollars go to the military-industrial complex.


What is being done about the above? NOTHING.

Well, not true. Some "representatives", dem and repub, take lobbying monies from arms manufacturers to vote for Unconstitutional legislation such as the NDAA. And give those arms manufacturers multi-million dollar deals in return.

Democrats and the democratic president signed a law, HR347, effectively making protesting our representatives when they are wrong, a Federal offense. What are they afraid of? =It is not democracy when they do not listen.= It is against the Bill of Rights. By supporting the democrats through 99% spring, you are reinforcing Unconstitutional legislation against our freedom and Rights.

Have you heard a single Democrat shout out or legislate against the horrors being done by police to Occupy? Rhetorical question. And you won't. They're not jumping for joy about Occupy because they know their own corruption and lobbying monies will be exposed along with the rest of the corrupt system. That they are the problem, not the solution. That they do not represent the will of the people of this country, who are suffering under increasing income inequality due to corporate control of politics and similar unregulated factors. How many democratic representatives and presidents are millionaires? And now say they'll call the cops on Occupy, if Occupy doesn't behave as moveon wishes. The hubris, the Johnny-come-lately-ism. Fuck you, snitch culture! The 1%! YOU are the problem! WE are Change!

99% Spring are a silent front for the democratic party. They are the problem, not the solution.

Occupy are about creating a better, people-oriented world. A joyous world. We are a new model.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Richard Buckminster Fuller

This is how Change occurs. Remember "Change"? It's entirely up to us. We are the answer, we are the government, we are the police, we are our own governing body. Take part in the Occupy GA and you'll see that self-governance and true equally-voiced democracy are often messy but they WORK and that no "leader" or "leaders" or "representatives" can ever provide the sense of inclusion, of unity, of being useful in real change.

I encourage the 5 million members of "moveon" to find ways, even peaceful ways with no personal risk, to support Occupy and to use their voice, for themselves. Ask each other how to support those working for Change. It would be appreciated (much less, is required without question). 


Note the OWS people and signs in a "99% Spring" advertisement:

99% Spring using Occupy image


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"The top 1% is buying up all the real estate.”

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Last year 12,600 registered lobbyists spent a combined $3.3 billion $$ influencing policy. ( #'s don't include consultants & 'historians') 


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A running total of the Occupy arrests. Current Total: 6877

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Oakland Mayor Jean Quan Admits 18 Cities Were Consulting on #Occupy Crackdowns

New Occupy Crackdown Documents Just Obtained by the PCJF

These initially released documents show:

The private corporate entity Brookfield Properties, which manages Zuccotti Park, had its security agency in communication with cities across the country about police actions designed to evict the Occupy movement and sought information as to Park Police plans to evict in D.C. 48 hours before OWS was evicted.

U.S. Park Police were communicating step by step, as they took action in regard to Occupy DC, with the Secret Service, DHS, and other police agencies as well as personnel affiliated with, the FBI's nationally integrated network and alert system involving all aspects of civilian law enforcement, intelligence agencies and the military. As its website states, "LEO supports the FBI's ten priorities by providing cost-effective, time-critical national alerts and information sharing to public safety, law enforcement, antiterrorism and intelligence agencies in support of the Global War on Terrorism."

1. "We want to emphasize that Occupy LA is not, and never has been, affiliated with any established political party, candidate or organization as this would directly contravene our spirit of independence. We strive to challenge the rigid, oppressive structures sustaining the inherent inequalities created by our current socioeconomic political reality. We seek to empower communities to share their collective resources and subvert laws and institutions which place profit above people." 

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Democratic Mayors who have unleashed the worst police brutality against Occupy:

Seattle: Michael McGinn

Denver: Michael B. Hancock

Los Angeles Mayor, Mr. Villain, Antonio Villariagosa

More to come, sorry, exhausted...this is a living document, please return for updates and inclusions.


"Stop believing in authority. Start believing in each other."