Saturday, April 7, 2012

A5, Skid Row Super Nom-Nom / Police Horses Galore

On this visit, two things: Pizza and police horses.

Police horses:


GEDC1468 s

GEDC1469 s

GEDC1471 s

GEDC1472 s

GEDC1476 s

GEDC1477 s

Even though everyone was suffering from carb overload, Naz's shoe still managed to "run away".

GEDC1481 s

GEDC1483 s

An attempt at a panoramic picture to get one person not in any other pic, but the blend between the two images cuts off TC's arm.

GEDC1479 s

This guy is riding a crate lift:

GEDC1491 s

This guy is riding something even better:

GEDC1495 s

I don't know:

GEDC1467 s