Friday, January 20, 2012

J20, Move to Amend teach-in on Citizens United, Los Angeles

At the Federal Court building, one block from City Hall, which is the former site of the #OccupyLosAngeles encampment.

Statement of purpose and list of speakers/contributors:

Photo slideshow:

When you see someone with a microphone seemingly getting on stage to interrupt as provocateurs (someone was photographing any potential negative reponse), that is exactly what it was. Sorry Carlos for their interruption. 

The Uncle Sam in a coffin is for tomorrow's Funeral for Democracy action at the Federal Building.

And yes, that is a police dog, the first time they've brought one out. Its handler was wearing DHS gear. A police helicopter made a few very low passes; not unusual considering their headquarters is two blocks away, but they circled us twice, and later passed over more than once.

As you can see, Channels 4 and 7 were there, as well as KNX radio 1070 and 89.3 FM radio KPCC.

Here is KPCC's story and a few of their photos (thanks Todd for this):

Enjoy the music of The Billionaires (pictured in the photo slideshow is Felonius X).

Video link of Jim Lafferty of the National Lawyer's Guild. I did not capture all of his message; after it became clear that it had to be captured, I started recording without even spending the time to focus. What was missed? He started by saying the reason the mayor and city council, who at first welcomed and assisted #Occupy LA, later brutally evicted them, was because (as in Oakland), the banks and other campaign donors didn't like #Occupy's message.

This is a great message, above-average stuff. Please check this one especially if you do not usually check video links, etc. 

Some livestream, you can search her page for more: