Monday, January 30, 2012

Building the new world no matter what

The 1% and their mad dogs want us to come to the conclusion that we should stay home and not protest, and this in and of itself means that we MUST keep coming back, and never stop...or they will continue creating the world, not us. We can only create the world we want if we keep showing up and doing so. This can mean community-building and beautifying action as well as direct aggressive protest at foreclosures, foreclosure auctions, against police brutality...we can be Strong without being destructive. The 1% are slavering to brand us unrepentantly destructive so they can drop the hammer nation-wide, forever. That's when we need to show people that we are about building a better world. Let's be aggressive about helping the homeless and cleaning the streets. Because the 1% most definitely aren't going to! Remind people that WE can when we want to. OUR streets, let's keep them the way WE like them. Let's treat each other how WE know we should treat each other. These positive actions obsolete the 1%. Let's build it!