Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#Occupy and age groups

Recently at an #OccuPicnic we were approached by some teens doing activism, collecting signatures to abolish the death penalty as the maximum punishment in California. They explained that to our group and were met with up twinkles (hands raised, wiggling fingers in show of approval). They were completely confused so we explained that we were #Occupiers; smiles appeared all around, signatures were given...but when they were confused by the up twinkles, I said "That means 'great!'" And "I'll be your translator today. 'Oh stewardess, I speak Jive.'" They didn't get the line from Airplane. Most likely because Airplane came out in what, 1979? Before they were born? Getting old! :)

But it IS wonderful to see activism groups meeting up together, of nearly any sort. I was reading today about #Occupy Congress, and how good it was for the far-flung #Occupations to get together and communicate directly, and to share fresh ideas.