Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Staying together, eyes on the prize!

We are frustrated at having been injured, denied our camps, blocked from building what we want and know is right...we risk turning that frustration upon each other. We need to turn it upon actions obsoleting the old. Eyes on the prize! This is going to take endurance and unity. 

And our differences can become fracturing points if we remain frustrated. 

Some who are driven wish all of us were at that level, so that we could go out right this very second as one and Change the world. Others are disabled, at home working on computers, etc. We each have something positive to contribute, so long as our differences are seen by all as benefits, and are applied toward the benefit of the group.

We need and respect those filled with fire and a drive for action. We need and respect those with a cool intellectual capacity. We are all differently-shaped tools applied to different tasks. Each is vital. Valuing each tool is vital. Knowing how to apply an entire set of tools to accomplish the task...

We should congratulate ourselves that they're fighting us! "That means it's working!" Eyes on the prize! Endure and it's ours!