Sunday, February 12, 2012

F11, Occupy San Diego Inter-Occupy Day

(Note: Although I am a member of Occupy Los Angeles, I do not represent Occupy Los Angeles in my blog. Only consensus through the GA does, and OLA have official media channels [youtube, etc.]. Much better photographers than I present their work there. I simply feel driven to document this historic movement and once a year or so, manage to take a decent picture. I hope people enjoy these attempts. )

February 11, 2012, Occupy San Diego hosted a Southern California Inter-Occupy event. Occupy Los Angeles, Occupy Long Beach, Occupy Orange County, and more were present. Much love to everyone, especially OSD.

Livestreamers: OccupySD, CrossXBones, FreedomLA, WillyFoReal...

Here are all the photos together in a single slideshow. Slideshow links follow for particular parts of the day.

Here are excellent photos from Occupy San Diego:

First we gathered at the site of the OSD encampment, Freedom Plaza. 

GEDC0007 s

There was more than one march. The first was to celebrate/commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the San Diego Free Speech Battles.

On the way to the famed intersection, we marched past a Bank of America. They locked their doors:

Photo set:

On our way with the free speech soapboxes, for which people had died one hundred years ago:

GEDC0030 s

GEDC0036 s

GEDC0034 s

Then we gathered at Children's Park to meet with a group who'd invited us to join their protest of the NDAA. The Occupy LA bus arrived about then and the groups gathered.

Photo set:

GEDC0054 s

On our way to the San Diego Convention Center to express our distress regarding the NDAA to the Democratic Convention:

"Democrats, come out to play-yay!"

GEDC0063 s

GEDC0068 s

GEDC0084 s

GEDC0098 s

GEDC0113 s

GEDC0103 s

We later learned that Kamala Harris, Attorney General, who sold us out to the banks, was there making a presentation.

On our way back to the park for the Inter-Occupation General Assembly:

I appreciate that Occupy San Diego have learned and shared that when one chant begins to fade, someone should always start a new one. Cross-fade. Never be silent.

Picnic / GA:

GEDC0153 s

Shout-out to Todd for the ride!