Friday, February 3, 2012

Here come the thieves.

The "Federal Reserve" control $1.665 trillion of US debt. [1]

A power grab approaches. "What can we do!?" they'll whine. "The debt ceiling.."

Cut the military budget. Half of OUR money goes there.

They'll of course want to steal Social Security, which has -nothing- to do with other government budgets and operations; it is a separate bank account, so to speak, and WE put OUR money into it.

They'll say they have to take OUR money to pay for things like the military. While WE already do.

Watch for this. They've been planning to steal the SS monies for years.

It is only about theft. GE pays no taxes. This is an excuse to grab OUR money, to fix "problems" they're creating to frighten us into giving away OUR money.

Or worse, to allow a crunch as in Europe, to create a problem to scare us into giving them OUR money.

If it does not occur as stated above, it will be similar, perhaps adding the "need" for another money-grabbing war. Such as they are gearing up for regarding Syria, Israel, and Iran (and all of their allies). India paying Iran in gold for oil...I seem to remember Gaddafi stating the desire to be paid in gold for his oil, shortly before....

Smash-and-grab. Disaster capitalism. OCCUPY.