Thursday, February 16, 2012

F16, fighting for Veteran Arturo de los Santos' home

Foreclosure Abuse Rampant Across U.S. Experts Say


"Among the issues raised by ACCE and the de los Santos family:

1) Freddie Mac's refusal to consider loan modifications for millions of homeowners with loans owned by the company, including those who likely qualify for the federal government's own Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP);

2) An executive pay scandal resulting in this year's agreed-upon resignation by Freddie CEO Charles "Ed" Haldeman, who had refused to consider lowering his own total compensation of about $6 million in 2011 or that of his top executives, while arguing that the company cannot afford to work with at-risk working-class homeowners; and

3) The revelation this month that Freddie Mac has been investing in mortgage-backed securities that paid the company millions of dollars when homeowners were not able to refinance to lower rates, creating what critics view as a conflict of interest for the company charged with promoting responsible and affordable homeownership."

Camerapeople from KTTV (local Fox news) and Noticias 22 were with us all day, but I have not seen any reports from them. More news teams arrived later but again, no reports. One page of text from KTLA, who are a TV station.

Please make this and all Arturo de los Santos links viral. There was nothing on the local news yesterday about this despite the presence of multiple media teams, and not a single word in the LA Times; I wonder if the government-owned Freddie Mac pulled some strings to hush the story! We can't have people getting the idea to occupy banks, can we?

On December 6th, 2011, Occupy Los Angeles, Occupy the Hood, ACCE,  and other groups moved Arturo back into his foreclosed home from which he'd been evicted. The bank is again attempting to evict him. He can pay for his home but they will not listen or budge. He has a wife and four small children. It was decided to occupy Freddie Mac's lobby and request a discussion with representatives to fix the problem.

All of my video is raw as I have no editor.

Livestreamers for this action: FreedomLA, WillyFoReal

FreedomLA: Wrongfule foreclosure victims arrested, 90 min

WillyFoReal: Arturo is arrested (more at link)

Here is the photo slideshow of all photos I took at the action, dozens more than appear here.

We met at a secret location ;) and bused to the building housing Freddie Mac, who "own" Arturo's foreclosure.

GEDC1249 s

GEDC1244 s

GEDC1263 s

Gee. Banks sure have a lot of nice money:

GEDC1265 s

GEDC1355 s

We brought in some folding tables and chairs and set up at the lobby door.

GEDC1343 s

GEDC1306 s

GEDC1285 s

Arturo told his story:

You will see a man in a pistachio cap; I believe this is Jim Lafferty with the National Lawyer's Guild. Thank You!

GEDC1325 s

A second group of protesters arrive to cover the outside of the bank:

GEDC1274 s

GEDC1334 s+

Protesters are both inside and outside the building:

GEDC1280 s

KTTV (Fox) and Noticias 22 channels had cameramen with us the entire time, but no reports were published:

GEDC1320 s

Freddie Mac officials refuse to talk with Arturo. More police appear. An officer arrives with zip cuffs.

Police: Follow your heart and not the letter of the law. Why work for banks who are destroying the country and countless human lives?

That's a lot of cops for one man losing his home.

The dispersal order is given, a three-minute warning. I told the waiting police that he is a Veteran and that we are simply attempting to save his home from being stolen, that he can pay, but is being refused. Of course, all of those police cost the city money (read: cost the taxpayers money), so why are banks escalating costs in a manner harmful to all?

Veteran Arturo de los Santos

Arturo is arrested. Pardon my not keeping my camera upon them the entire time; the cop nearest me leaned his bike upon my person and let it go, trolling me for a "response". They love our arrestable "responses". They record us, so they likely know who to target. They've grabbed up Occupy LA members who were only the day before seen on television. Don't forget, sometimes they arrest us for stepping a single foot in the street during a march, and then utterly ignore non-occupiers who walk around the arrest as it's happening, in the street. I've seen it with my own eyes. One of our people was grabbed and arrested two days after appearing on MSNBC.

The woman being arrested with Arturo is unknown to me personally; she is an activist with one of the several guilds joined together in this protest.

Arturo's children were reportedly in tears seeing their father being taken away. What are they learning from this debacle?

Carlos tells it:

GEDC1371 s

A Rabbi was there (on right) and using the human mic, said that the interfaith community strongly approve of what we are doing for people.

A Rabbi spoke and said

GEDC1380 s

Several people vowed to be at the station to greet Arturo when he is released.

Again, this days action did not make the mainstream media. Please make Arturo de los Santos viral!

Update, a story from Huffington Post:

Arturo De Los Santos, Foreclosure Crisis Victim, Faces Eviction From Re-Occupied Home (VIDEO)