Friday, February 24, 2012

F24, LAX worker protest (Los Angeles International Airport)

The SEIU unions, GoodjobsLA,, Occupy Los Angeles, and others marched through LAX to protest working conditions and terms for our brothers and sisters there employed. There was plenty of support from passing motorists; one passed by honking to the syllables of "We...Are...The 99%"!

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GEDC0258 s

GEDC0242+ s

GEDC0248 s

Those in neon vests are with the protest, doing organizing and safety.

Entering the Tom Bradley International Terminal:

GEDC0261 s

The terminal is filled with protesters!

GEDC0265 s

Above view:

GEDC0290 s+

GEDC0292 s

GEDC0293 s

We marched out and around the airport, inside and outside the terminals.

GEDC0298 s+

At one point, there was a sit-down in the intersection:

My regards to the Captain who was working calmly with the organizers to make it go smoothly, even in a temporarily difficult situation. Kudos for going with the flow so long as it did not become destructive; may more police please see that sometimes things go well when they are allowed, just allowed. Police and protesters alike enjoy being treated with dignity and respect, of course. Thank you!

GEDC0327 s

One of several LAPD Video Unit members. Keep our profiles and data safe now, hear?
And doesn't "CSI" stand for "Crime Scene Investigation"? Was there a crime? Is protesting
considered a crime? What becomes of this data? I'm not comfortable with this.

LAPD Video Unit.

GEDC0335 s

Screw with us and we'll bring vuvuzelas.

GEDC0336 s

GEDC0344 s+

GEDC0346 s

I have not yet seen any video from KTLA, NBC, or others. Telemundo and Channel 34 were there, thank you! Nothing yet from the LA Times.

I'd forgotten to mention that the LAPD copter did a low, slow fly-over at SEIU headquarters, to get an idea of our numbers (the location was of course tweeted, etc.)

Livestream is by a new friend, Cheers!

Watch live streaming video from americansocialnetwork at