Saturday, February 18, 2012

F18, Black History Month themed OLA General Assembly

February 18, 2012, a "Black History Month" General Assembly. It is noted that February is the shortest month of the year... Police are continuing to crack down on Occupy, and continue to up the fines and charges to attempt to get us to stay home and cripple the movement. Oakland is experiencing police brutality due to the Black Panther history in the area, and the system wishing to crush any and all dissent and attempts to organize something meaningful (which does not require the 1%). Discussion of Cointelpro and attacks upon unity in the black community. Description of the civil rights movement, the formation and need for and the work of the Black Panthers, and their descendents, the Black Riders.

Slideshow of all photos, more than posted here.

Livestream, first segment:

Livestream, second segment:

Livestream, third segment:

Livestream, fourth segment:

Short segment:

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GEDC1442 s

GEDC1453 s

This guy, another man, and a red-headed woman (all white) took lots of photos both up close and from across the street. He took one of me when I took on of him. I do not think they were there in a friendly manner. Not At All.

He and two others took photos and left.

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GEDC1460 s

GEDC1461 s

GEDC1470 s

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