Sunday, May 20, 2012

The demopublican show is distracting the country from the fact they've been robbed blind.

As it is intended to do.

And that the banks and Wall Street are continuing to rape us through illegal foreclosures, etc. And that taking that money BACK, solves many problems, including the incrementally increasing "austerity" measures in our states and cities, most notably the power grabs in Michigan and the purposeful de-funding of schools and infrastructure.

Eyes on the prize. The hell with anything but getting our money back and punishing the thieves who continue to steal it.

Starting with a demand to end money in politics (ending "Citizens United", where corporations were given free reign for unlimited donations, thus turning money into speech...and those without money, have to be silent).

I sense doubt on the part of most, to engage in the conversation of what would be better, than what we have, meaning "capitalism". Certainly, with the 1% grabbing up 93% of the benefits of economic growth in 2009/2010, there is a problem and capitalism is it. They profited wildly through crashing the system, then grabbed more money in bailouts...all of it being our money. On, you can find for free, the entire movie "Inside Job" about the banking debacle.

California had $673,000,000,000 stolen by banks. Now they're saying there's a $16,000,000,000 shortfall and they'll have to trash schools and government employees. BULLSHIT. That's pennies from what banks stole, so why don't they just get it back? They're the legislators, the supposed real power in the state. But they don't, and won't, and are pulling "austerity", which means "socialized payment for theft". Which means they've stolen from us, and we have to pay for the aftereffects as well! WE have to pay for a theft the government will neither punish nor retrieve.

Which is extremely telling, innit.

Student loan debt just topped $1 trillion dollars, and repugs voted to allow interest rates to increase even further. Students in Quebec are massively protesting against a 75% hike in tuition over a five-year period. Yet students are less than 50% likely to actually get a job in their field, much less a McJob, due to capitalism outsourcing and over-sea-ing jobs en masse.

Keep the conversation on the banks and Wall Street, where it belongs. If you want to talk about politicians, talk about why they are not doing a single thing to solve this theft. Which becomes an extremely interesting conversation...!