Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our brother DJ arrested on phony charges in Chicago

(Excellent update at the end of this article!)

Cops are using "snatch" behavior across the nation. Have your cameras active whenever cops are nearby!

Because hearing -this- about our brother DJ just now in Chicago

“The cop grabbed him by the collar and when he turned to see who he was, his arm brushed against the officer.”

lets us know they're just doing it again, and attaching felonies for anything that happens after they make a grab!

Cops depend upon creating tension when they confront their targets. Then, in a tense situation, they grab people from behind, going for the hindbrain's fight-or-flight response, calling it a felony.


M17 OccupyLA Cop grabs man from behind

Nice smile:

M17 OccupyLA Cop grabs man from behind Crop

This cop grabs an Occupier who'd also been singled out and grabbed two days earlier, same event as shown above. Profiled!


Livestream on March 19 by Jeff Kloy:

@jeffkloy on Twitter

Photograph by Nick Bates:



"One of the protesters currently being detained, Danny Johnson of Los Angeles, has been accused of assaulting a police officer during an immigrant rights rally on Tuesday afternoon. However, multiple witnesses on the scene, including an NLG Legal Observer, recorded a version of events that contradict the accusations of police."