Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How "austerity" is already being used against the USA

California's budget deficit has ballooned to $16,000,000,000, Governor Jerry Brown says. 


"...warned of draconian cuts to schools and public safety if voters don't approve his November tax-hike measure.

'This means we will have to go much farther and make cuts far greater than I asked for at the beginning of the year,' Brown said in an online video. 'But we can't fill this hole with cuts alone without doing severe damage to our schools.'"


We can do this by reclaiming some of the estimated $673,000,000,000 stolen from California by the banks.

Go and get it. It's our money. Do not cut one single item in social programs, public services, assistance for the weak and infirm, in education...do not do a single thing to harm the people of this state...take it back from the damn banks.

Why is everyone in government pretending there is no money? The banks stole it, $673 billion!

Why is everyone in government insisting the people of the state, the people of the country, must pay for the banks' theft?

It's sadism. It's grotesque. It's like being robbed and beaten by thieves, calling your family to report it, and they rob and beat you again, saying it's your responsibility, that more theft and beating is the only way to solve it!

We know where the thieves are. They're right there. There's our money. It's OURS. Take it back and do not cut a single damn social item in the state. Ever. There is enough money there that social programs may be tripled, not cut!

Fuck "austerity". Fuck those who say we have to allow ourselves to be beaten and robbed AGAIN, that it's our responsibility, that this is the only way. While the thieves laugh and laugh and laugh.

Or is "government" laughing along with them? Hrm... No socialized theft!

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"The people of California are demanding the banks to refund the money that was taken away from the Golden State. Some say this manifestation of the Occupy Wall Street movement motivated a group of protestors to walk into a Bank of America in Los Angeles and attempted to cash a check for $673 billion made out to the tax payers of California. They, however, ended up in handcuffs. Ramon Galindo, RT correspondent, gives us the details."