Saturday, May 26, 2012

Getting started on a DIY Solar Cell phone Charger

I've never built one of these but I'm beginning to see them around and they're a perfect idea for Occupiers. I've seen solar cells on the outside of backpacks, for example. Charge as you march! You may wish to do more research to make certain that the 20 and 22V panels I've listed will actually work with the 5V regulator IC and your phone/USB device.

Quick overview:


More milliamps = faster charging.

If you get cells with no wires or soldering tabs:

You can go the snazzy route:

Goldmine Electronics are an excellent company and they ship quickly. They have a $10.00 minimum order.

8.6V 160mA 6"x 6" Glass Solar Panel

Powerful 20VDC 0.300Amp (300ma) Giant Glass Solar Disc Panel

Powerful 22VDC 0.5Amp (500ma) Amorphous Glass Solar Panel 

I don't see any LM7805 power regulators there. They have USB cables if you want to cut one down. 

Mouser are also an excellent company. 

LM7805 5V positive regulator:

6V 150ma panel: 

And eBay!