Saturday, May 26, 2012

Observe Occupy: Watch the tactical evolution of their 'revolution'

Download it and do screenshots before they delete it:

Hey cops. Quite honestly, your thug behavior is unConstitutional and utterly out of control. When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail, eh? Whatever happened to the Bill of Rights? Ever read the 1st Amendment? Who the hell is telling you that a people-powered movement working for the betterment of the country is a terrorist organization!? Why the hell would you believe them!? "People are getting together to work peacefully for the betterment of the country. Let's beat them!" (facepalm) Mr. Marcou, how did the kettled women Anthony Bologna pepper-sprayed without warning, much less those he later pepper-sprayed from behind, merit this response, or anything even remotely approaching it? You are neither factoring nor revealing that cops can be very, very bad people and act out of both pure aggression and utterly lawlessness. This is what we see. This is how we know you, unless you show us something exceptionally different.

You talk about watching the endless amounts of video on have you possibly missed the endless police brutality and nuisance arrests of those utilizing the Constitution, which you somehow also feel inclined to mention?

Police have recently lost two trial cases for lying under oath, or "perjury". Thou shalt not bear false witness. How is this your job?

One of our Occupy LA brothers was arrested in Chicago by a cop who claimed he was punched in the chest and knocked off his bike. Our brother's fellow Occupiers witnessed this and told an entirely different story, but what made their truth stick, was the NLG Observer who saw the cop grabbed our man by the collar. Utter lies. This is how we see you. 

Your job is to support the laws of this country. The Bill of Rights comes first, before any nit-picking subsequent legislative sophistic anfraction.  You are not seeing the forest for your own trees: WE are scared of YOU. We know Rodney King, we know Kelly Thomas, we know how many people of color are profiled and killed with neither cause nor justice...and we're afraid of the day one of you turns a gun upon us. Because we have little to no reason to believe you will not. THAT is the hardest part, and should be the deal-breaker. STOP your illegal violence against this peaceful movement that is working to change the world for the better. You are in danger of attracting the violent fringe of society to gather and act against you, through your continuing brutality and lawlessness. This is NOT a threat, that is NOT reverse psychology; this is my fear. =I= want peace. You are in danger of being a self-fulfilling prophecy, of creating that which you fear. Leave us alone, leave us alone. We chant for you to, and you do not. Over and over and over. For nearly a year. I =hate= violence. I'm a coward like that. I loathe the thought of the day one of us dies at your illegal hands. I loathe the thought of the day some nutjob hurts one of you and draws down the death of one or more of us. It is entirely upon you, and you utterly fail to see that. In =always= escalating, in always bullying in an attempt to control, you breed fear and contempt in those who are working to be free, and attract those who -want- to fight you. The mechanism of escalation and bullying to Control, fails. It is obsolete, and only creates problems.


Your best and only response to a movement of people who want to be free, is to let them be free.

Do you know what will happen then?


The cops I saw 15+ deep against the fully peaceful Veteran's rally in Chicago is not the answer. Does this look like freedom, or a clarion call to rebellion? This is not the answer. This is the Problem. All you see in us is some nebulous potential for violence, and you are picking at our edges to attempt to draw it out. Just leave us alone. You are SICK! You are BRUTAL. And you have no problem with it. You don't give us points for good behavior, so to speak. You only see violence, and work to actually create it.

The entire onus is upon YOU. We use cameras to PROTECT OURSELVES from your lawlessness. I myself captured one of you repeatedly punching an Occupier who was being held immobile by other cops. Some cops attempted to block me from capturing it, but there it is. It did not appear in the police report, did it? His case was thrown out! Two days later a cop shoved me away from recording my fellows being arrested...and then refused to provide his name and badge number. I repeatedly and loudly requested it and neither he nor the 36+ officers present would help. This officer DID spend time smiling at me, however.

We know how this works, and must protect ourselves.

Chicago NATO 15 deep

Why do I have to even point this out? How is this not howlingly obvious? We know Chicago police targeted women, children, the elderly, and journalists. SHAME on you. SHAME! We are your brothers and sisters. We are your husbands and wives. We are your children and parents. SHAME ON YOU. Leave us alone, let us be free, and notice the difference. Create peace and freedom instead of fear and brutality. All of your actions are going to create -something-, so please choose them wisely. And ignore orders creating pain and chaos. Don't we have enough of that already? Why are you fighting people who are working to improve the world? Who the hell gives orders to destroy a movement working to better the world? Think about it.

(Sorry that my blog's color scheme offsets the reblogged text colors; please highlight the below comments section for some telling discussion, including calling all Occupiers "Ass clowns". And see my article What are cops nation-wide saying about Occupy? Glad you asked!  regarding what cops have been caught saying about us. The truth will set you free.)


May 20, 2012
Lt. Dan Marcou SWAT Officer
with Lt. Dan Marcou

Observe Occupy: Watch the tactical evolution of their 'revolution'

During the NATO Summit, Chicago law enforcers are facing the cutting edge of what the Occupy Wall Street Movement call 'a revolution'

The long-anticipated NATO Summit has arrived in Chicago. The Chicago Police Department has planned and trained extensively for anticipation of protests, to insure the NATO meeting can take place, protestors can make their point peacefully, and the city of Chicago can experience a financial boon in today’s tough economy.
For the Chicago Police Department, “It’s all over but the shoutin’,” as the saying goes.
Our thoughts prayers and hope for safety and success goes out to every member of the Chicago Police Department, while facing this difficult challenge.
The Professional Protestor
There are thousands who have planned and trained long and hard for this event coming to Chicago (as well as other events in cities around the world). Those in training are the professional protestors. This is the era of the professional protester. You will see the sum total of that planning, training in action at the NATO Summit. The meeting will bring together the passionate the professional as well as the pathetic. It will bring together the apathetic, the angry, the peaceful and quite possibly the violent.
Chicago is facing the cutting edge of what the Occupy Wall Street Movement call “a revolution.”
Politicians must pay attention to the “revolution,” while it behooves law enforcement nation-wide to pay a great deal of attention to the “evolution” of the movement’s tactics.
From the Occupy Wall Street web site it describes the movement as follows:
“Occupy Wall Street is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors genders and political persuasiveness. The one thing we all have in common is that we are the 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants.”
Even though they state they are dedicated to nonviolence law enforcement has discovered violence follows the movement.
Opportunity for Law Enforcement
What is for Chicago an incredible challenge is an opportunity for every other officer, especially members and commanders of Civil Unrest Teams to set your DVRs on record. Then watch back and replay all footage and follow the after action reporting from all angles. The tactics employed by the demonstration’s peaceful members as well as those, who appear to deliberately break off to trigger violence should be assessed and analyzed to prepare for your meeting with your version of “Occupy.”
Note how the competing — peaceful versus violent — groups operate.
Watch their:
1.) Dress and how they change from clown suits to black garb of the anarchist.
2.) Concealment tactics.
3.) Team deployment tactics.
4.) Equipment.
5.) Blocking strategies.
6.) Disruption strategies.
7.) Communication tactics.
8.) Recording capabilities.
9.) Chants to inform.
10.) Chants to enrage.
11.) Pre-maneuver chants.
12.) Passive resistance tactics.
13.) Feigned passive, while actively resisting tactics.
14.) Active resistance tactics.
15.) Concealed and improvised weaponry.
16.) Banner placement tactics and messages.
17.) Membership. What organizations are openly present at the demonstrations?
18.) Leadership within the crowd and outside the crowd.
19.) Protest devices used for example, tripods, sleeping dragons, caltrops etc.
20.) Graffiti.
21.) Level and type of violence.
22.) Size of Anarchist’s presence.
Footage Beyond The News Coverage
There will be plenty of raw footage available on There will be more than you can even watch recorded sometimes with uncut commentary by the protesters. You will be able to get a unique perspective of the demonstrators. You will discover many fervently wish to gather peacefully and others are attempting to orchestrate something very different. When the two groups collide violence often erupts within the occupy groups. You may actually see the pacifists fighting with the anarchists attempting to keep the demonstration peaceful.
The list goes on, because protester tactics continue to evolve. Sometimes they evolve to counter law enforcement, but sometimes they evolve, because of the international collaboration of these groups. You can see the international influence of the “leaderless resistance movement” and read about their “revolutionary Arab Spring tactics.”
Thanks to the thousands of recorders operating in Chicago and at every event — as well as the willingness of many to post what they have recorded — all of law enforcement will be able to watch and learn. What happens in Chicago— beginning today and for the duration of the NATO Summit — will enable law enforcement better be able to protect the sanctity of the constitution while facilitating those that wish to peacefully assemble on both sides of the police lines.
Make no mistake about it. It is also just as important for law enforcement to prepare for those, who would interject violence into these demonstrations. The right to assemble violently is not a right protected by the constitution.
The line between a peaceful assembly and violence has always been and always will be best occupied by the honorable members of the thin blue line.

About the author
Dan Marcou retired as a highly decorated police lieutenant and SWAT Commander with 33 years of full time law enforcement experience. He is a nationally recognized police trainer in many police disciplines and is a Master Trainer in the State of Wisconsin. He has authored three novels The Calling: The Making of a Veteran Cop , S.W.A.T. Blue Knights in Black Armor, and Nobody's Heroes are all available at Barnes and Noble and Visit his website and contact Dan Marcou

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Posted by richcecil on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 07:05 AM Pacific  Report Abuse
Our biggest fear in DC was always the lone wolf nut case. But let me warn you guys out there. We as Law Enforcement are not taking the combat arm of Occupy seriously! Anyone who truely thinks that the Black Brigade, annarcist and others like them are not part of Occupy are wrong. These folks are as militant as they come and would not hesitate to stoop to planting a shooter if it meant spreading panic and violence. Do not for a moment believe that the "leaderless" Occupy movement does not invite these folks, or that they are not aware of thier abilities. While the majority of the Occupy folks do not have a clue, the muilitant arm does! They have more then a clue, they have an adjenda! they will provoke you, and create the violence to make you react.
Posted by SAPDMAS on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 09:52 PM Pacific  Report Abuse
Use their own tactics against them. Video taping the ass clowns goes a long way to deter.

On a seperate issue,I would hope there would be designated marksman monitoring the situation as well. All it takes is one psycho with a gun to start shooting innocents. A very bad deal if these protesters go that route.
Posted by gr8gator1 on Monday, May 21, 2012 03:33 PM Pacific  Report Abuse
I would hope agencies also plan on having their own cameras strategically placed and cooridnated with the movements of the crowd to document criminal activity and counter the inevitable selectively edited footage that the protestors will try to put out...We've done that before with UC officers appearing to be part of the crowd....Fortunately, we had no major incidents of violent clashes...but the UC officers did record some criminal activity going on in the crowds..

@richcecil: Thats the key!...Dont do the protestors' job for them and give them something to video and further inflame them....
Posted by marcoudj on Monday, May 21, 2012 03:04 PM Pacific  Report Abuse
Well said richcecil!

Great advice.

"Lt. Dan"
Posted by richcecil on Monday, May 21, 2012 02:46 PM Pacific  Report Abuse
having dealt with these people, you also need to remeber: A lot of what they do is staged to bring YOU into the altercation. Legal advisers will be there with the sole intent to document your mistakes and use them later in court! Do not let you emotions get you in trouble. Do protect YOUR Rights and YOUR back! Sometime, as much as we hate it, not arresting defeats them more then anything else. Flexable and fluid!