Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wells Fargo: Riding their bobsled to hell

A post-M1GS conversation with another Occupier led to some clarity:

-Wells Fargo are still allowed to continue robo-signing illegal foreclosures..after years of authorities know about it
-Wells Fargo and others will push an estimated 1,000,000 homeowners onto the streets just this year in California alone
-Some of these victims will die or suicide over such total loss and inability to adjust
-Many will end up downtown on Skid Row
-Skid Row Los Angeles is the largest homeless population in the country
-Skid Row is targeted for gentrification (Mayor Villain loves developers and has forced out the homeless before)
-Section 8 (assisted income) and single-room occupancies are targeted via Guthrie, who did it in Chicago
-Fifty new cops have been assigned to Skid Row at a cost of $6 million dollars
-Homeless services for ALL of LA total $5.7 million a year
-The Safer City Initiative has cops arresting anyone caught sleeping on the sidewalk or not taking down tents and sleeping arrangement after 6AM or so, every day. You will be arrested if caught laying down on the sidewalk or street until 6 or so at night. Your property can and will be seized. More arrests have occurred than there are total Skid Row residents.
-Wells Fargo have millions of dollars invested in private prison development and operation; 3.5 million shares in one company alone
-Private prisons are farming out inmates as cheap labor
-Private prisons promise investors a 90% occupancy rate
-It is a straight line from having your home stolen by Wells Fargo, to living in their privatized prisons. And being used as a legal slave.

And did you know that BofA run the LA food stamp fund? They profit from the homeless yet again! These banks are evil and must be stopped! All I've said above can be confirmed except for the conclusion, which is in process of becoming obvious. I've spent time on Skid Row and there are more cops there than I've ever seen on any residential or city street. Homelessness has been criminalized, and several cities have even made it illegal to feed the homeless.

How many are one paycheck away from being homeless? There is something terribly wrong with this country! You judge a culture by how it treats its weak, not by its profit margin!


Two profit-driven items are behind some of what is occurring.

-There is a desire to build a new sports stadium.
-There is a desire to build two new prisons.

If you have seen "The Soloist", a good but disjointed film, truths about Skid Row are revealed. All true. The homeless were once pushed out of an area developers wished to purchase and re-sell at profit. Plus:

By Martin Berg Thursday, Apr 21 2011

How did Los Angeles city leaders turn $1 million intended to help downtown’s homeless and low-income denizens into a proposed subsidy for the global architecture firm designing downtown’s proposed NFL football stadium?

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has decided to spend $1 million in federal grants — money that had been avidly sought by residents of Skid Row — to instead help out San Francisco–based Gensler, a 2,800-employee giant that enjoyed $463 million in revenue last year.

The mayor has vowed that the NFL stadium won’t get a dollar from taxpayers, but the $1 million would go to the lead architectural firm for the stadium.